Friday 09 Oct 2015

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high and mighty

Week 484 08_05_15

Hello music lovers Please support these bands…or we wouldn’t have bands like this around to support. Buy an album, or a ticket to a show, or a tee shirt, or…something from them. Thank you. If there are any bands/managers/labels etc […]

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Week 482 07_22_15

Hello and welcome to a another week of us trying to find you a new favorite song. If you like NEXT share NEXT. If Next does


Surprise Wilco Album: Star Wars

Wilco loves you. Wilco surprises fans with free 'Star Wars' album you can download right now. You may download the latest Wilco album...for free on their website WilcoWorld.


48 years old but oh so new

So, I got a couple of highly-acclaimed box sets from some of my favorite artists ever for the holidays. Between them, the two boxes have 10 CDs, so

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Week 450 12_10_14

Welcome to our last week of new music. Next week we'll start our end of the year "Favorite Songs of 2014". I just started looking at


Week 447 11_19_14

Hello and welcome to NEXT. We have a simple goal: Find you a new favorite song. If we do find a song that makes you smile

Stay at Home Radio show 9 Playlist

Show 9 playlist Mick Jagger – Put Me in the Trash Saints of Valory – Long Time Coming The Outfield – Your Love Mona – Truth Material Issue – Valerie Loves Me Pearl Jam

Week 375 07_03_13

Happy July. I hope you enjoyed our best songs of June. Let us hope that this month is as good as last month. So here

Stay at Home Radio Show 3

A new musical experiment. If any bands/managers/labels etc want their music removed please contact me (chris at allthingsnext dot com) and I'll promptly remove it. Thank

Stay at Home Radio Show 3 Playlist

Thanks for listening. If you want to hear the show click here. The Playlist: Matt Pond PA – Love To Get Used The Lemonheads - Rudderless My Pet Dragon - Moonshine The Hives