Saturday 10 Oct 2015

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Our Favorite Songs of 2015…so far

It’s already been a brilliant year for new music lovers. Shall we take a few moments to review? What are your favorite songs? Are we missing any songs? Our Favorite Songs of January 2015 Death Cab For Cutie – Black […]

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Week 460 02_18_15

Hello music lovers. Our goal is simple. Find you a new favorite song. Let us know how we are doing. Oh and if it's

Week 457 Our Favorite Songs of January

Finally 2015. I hope you enjoyed our end of the year wrap up for 2014. Whether it was to remember the good tunes or re-introduce yourself to them. Please

Week 358 03_06_13

Another week another attempt to find you a next, new favorite song. If you do find a song to your liking please leave a comment. We


Stay at Home Radio v 1 Playlist

Arcade Fire – Ready to Start Black Taxi – We Don’t Know Any Better The Bright Light Social Hour - Shanty Spacehog – In the Meantime Kings of Leon - Crawl Manic Street

Ezra on the bar singing

SXSW 2012

My motto: Make more good choices than bad. I think I did ok, especially since I decided to head down only a few weeks ago. Getting the SXSW


The gracious host of The Roadhouse, Jim Horigan (the Soap Killer) invited me to be a guest on his show on PCTV. Jim is a talented actor and

Week 297 a Best of Show (Hour 2)

Thanks for listening. Yes we've started 2012 by ending 2011. Enjoy songs 15 through 1. Hopefully you agree...or not. Artist and song title: Gary

Week 287: Best of October

Thanks for listening. Enjoy the best of October. Artists and song titles: The Bright Light Social Hour- Shanty, Black Taxi - Tightrope, Rachael Yamagata - Starlight,

CMJ 2011: Meet the bands: The Bright Light Social Hour

Let's get to know the bands. Today it's the 1 AM band The Bright Light Social Hour. I also put together a podcast of all 8 bands playing