Wednesday 25 Nov 2015

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Our Favorite Songs of 2015…so far

It’s already been a brilliant year for new music lovers. Shall we take a few moments to review? What are your favorite songs? Are we missing any songs? Our Favorite Songs of January 2015 Death Cab For Cutie – Black […]

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Week 481 07_15_15

We cover a lot this week. Two movie songs, a brilliant return from the 90s (man I miss the 90s), and much, much more. Enjoy it


Week 474 Our Favorite Songs of May 2015

It's time again for our end of the month collection of our favorite hour of new music. Please support these bands...or we wouldn't have bands like this

Week 461 Our Favorite Songs of Feb 2015

Hello lovers of new music. Thanks for listening. It's another last Wednesday of the month and that means it's time for our end of the month


Week 458 02_04_15

Hello welcome to the first show of February 2015. January started very strong. Take a listen to our favorite songs of said month...or don't. That's

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Week 449 12_03_14

Hello music lovers. Ready for another week of great new music? Did you listen last week? Damn, what a great month (year) of new music.

bear in heaven

Week 445 11_05_14

Hello again lovers of great new music. I must compliment you on your glorious taste. Thanks for listening to NEXT. If you like a tune

Week 366 05_01_13

Happy month of May to you. I hope you enjoyed our April songs. Man oh man it was hard selecting a "best of" show (if you

Stay at Home Radio Show 5 Playlist

Thank you for listening. Happy Friday. We post a new show every Friday and this show just disappears. Enjoy. If you want to listen to

Week 359 03_13_13

Excuse me Chris don't you usually post a new NEXT on Wednesday's? Why yes I do astute NEXT listener but I'm off to SXSW and know I