Tuesday 04 Aug 2015

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Those People

So now that the super bowl is over one of my favorite phenomenon is occurring.  I’m talking about “those people”.  No this isn’t about to be a racist rant.  The phenomenon happens anytime there’s a big event in pop culture […]

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Joe Paterno (1926-2012)

The news has just come out that Joe Paterno has died at the age of 85. One could say a broken heart was the cause of death, though


Eli Manning

As a Giant fan I think it's long over do that someone give Eli Manning his due credit.  Yesterday Eli Manning went into New England and brought his


Sports Wrap Up

Hey guys Coach here.  There's so much going on in sports right now I figured why not cover it all right here.  Maybe I'll do this every so

There’s a Lot of Baesball to be Played

The Yankees beat the Red Sox last night at Fenway, 3-2. For the Bombers, it was probably their biggest win of the year, given that they had


Papi Pops Prodigious Power

This man, of course, is Big Papi.  Formally, he is known as David Ortiz, but for our purposes, he is simply Papi. Back to him in a moment.  Briefly,