Week 576 Full Show 05_10_17

May 10, 2017By ChrisMusic Podcast No Comments

Hello music lovers. Leave a comment if you find a tune you like. Please support these bands…or we wouldn’t have bands like this around to support. Buy an album, or a ticket to a show, or a tee shirt, or…something from them. Thank you. If there are any bands/managers/labels etc that want their music removed … Read More

91 is 25: Adam Schmitt

February 10, 2017By ChrisMusic 2 Comments

Yes, yes I know it’s technically 26 (in 2017) but the title is “catchy” so I’m keeping 25. Deal with it. If it helps just call it “Alternative Facts”. I’ve covered a few big albums of 1991 (scroll to the bottom of this post for a list). Today I’m going to dig a bit deeper. … Read More

My Life in Music: George Michael

December 26, 2016By ChrisMusic, Musings By Mark No Comments

I haven’t written my “My Life in Music” the College Years yet but if I had “Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1” would probably be the “surprise” CD. When people ask, “what is the the CD (remember those?) you have, that you love, that would surprise your NEXT listeners?”. It’s this Mr. Michael album. I believe … Read More

91 is 25: Matthew Sweet

December 8, 2016By ChrisGeneral, Musings By Mark No Comments

Your marriage is breaking up. You are getting a divorce. On top of that, your record company is dropping you. What do you do? Matthew Sweet decides to write a masterpiece. “Girlfriend” also helped to make power pop radio friendly again. Matthew Sweet loved The Beatles (who doesn’t? Everyone should). I think he was aiming … Read More

RnR HoF…Who Should Get In? Vote now

October 27, 2016By ChrisGeneral 3 Comments

It’s election time of the year. Truly, you are done with the Presidential one (I am and so is Sheryl Crow with Kate Snow on MSNBC)… The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is once again allowing fans to vote. They have listed 19 official band/people for your voting pleasure. Here’s an election we can … Read More

91 is 25: Pearl Jam

September 29, 2016By ChrisMusic, Musings By Mark No Comments

My brother texts. Are you in? Yes. Silly question really. Even if I have to move the family trip to Yellowstone around. I will be there. Dad of the year I am. It’s Pearl Jam at Wrigley (again). Hopefully there isn’t another 3 hour Lightning and rain delay (THAT SUCKED). But PJ did come back … Read More

Week 541 Full Show 09_07_16

September 7, 2016By ChrisMusic Podcast No Comments

Welcome to another month where we find you the best new music out there. There’s a lot of great new music and we hope you find that NEXT does a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good job of getting you the cream. If you find this to be true…share NEXT with a friend. Thanks. Our Favorite … Read More

My 3 Songs: Money

April 18, 2016By ChrisMusic No Comments

We pick a topic (actually I guess I pick a topic). We pick our 3 favorite songs about said topic. We call it “My 3 Songs”. They are not the “best” but our favorite songs. I believe David summed it up nicely with his comment about how Hip Hop alone could dominate. Well played young … Read More