Sunday 07 Feb 2016

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Charity Concert: July 20th with The Shondes

NEXT charity concert series presents: The NEXT Block Party at PCTV! (please enter The Alley on Wheeler St by The Black Cow). I hope you’ll join us (bring friends surely you have a few of them that love music) A […]

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Episode 8

900 Seconds Episode 8 Thank you for watching. 2 Guys (Jim and Chris). 2 Videos (we each pick a video). 1 Vote (you pick your favorite song/video). Please

900 Seconds Tour (Inside and out)

A quick tour of the the PCTV studios where we record 900 Seconds. We start on the street, then journey through the famous alley (where our last


Robbers on High Street Live (Stream)

Thank you if you bought a ticket and are at the concert live. I hope you enjoy the NEXT car magnet. ---live streaming of Robbers on High Street


Charity Concert June 8: Robbers on High Street

Trying something new this month. NEXT charity concert series presents the NEXT Block Party at PCTV!(please enter The Alley on Wheeler St by The Black Cow) and

Chris Bro on Giving: Greyston Foundation

We started a new feature at PCTV. It's called Chris Bro on Giving. We focus on the good things happening in Westchester. I was (and am) very happy to


Next on TV: The Roadhouse (again)

I go both ways now. Thanks to The Roadhouse on PCTV. I've been interviewee and now interviewer. Roadhouse host, Jim Horigan, invited me to hangout with Scott Vaccaro the


The gracious host of The Roadhouse, Jim Horigan (the Soap Killer) invited me to be a guest on his show on PCTV. Jim is a talented actor and