Tuesday 09 Feb 2016

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Music Video Of The Day

Today’s music video makes me think of Chaz Bono for some reason.  Today it’s Grouplove with “Colours”.  This one’s pretty cool.  It starts off with the lead singer being hung from a tree.

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Music Video Of The Day

This one goes out to AJ Burnett who, through some cruel twist of fate, has found himself actually pitching in the post season.  Remember when God was a

Music Video Of The Day

Today it's Beatles copy cats Oasis.  Given there are plenty of Beatles copy cats out there but I just think they took an extra mile.  They've also said

Music Video of The Day

I figured I'd play this video given the special day for the Royal family.  Today it's The Silversun Pickups with "The Royal We(dding)".  OK I made the parenthesis

Music Video Of The Day

Today it's Courtney Love at her best.  People sometimes forget that Courtney actually put out a pretty darn good album once upon a time and has some serious

Musical Notes

Arcade Fire will sing the Seventh Inning Stretch at Wrigley this Saturday. Anyone in the mood for a road trip? Coach Cast 12 tonight before Next. It's

Music Video Of The Day

OK everyone tonight is Coach Cast number 12.  Today's music video is a sneak peek at one of the songs I'll be playing.  Join me tonight at 10pm