Femme SXSW Interview

March 19, 2016By JobeeJamsJessGeneral, Music No Comments

With margaritas in hand and queso on the table, Femme was perfectly pink with large mod 60’s glasses and Jodi by her side to discuss girls, beats and bass. J: With the whole one women aspect how does that translate onstage? F: I step into my pop star persona. Live Jodi Dj’s and in the … Read More

Introducing: Sloth Monad

January 16, 2014By JobeeJamsJessMusic 2 Comments

Texas native Sloth Monad truly is a diamond in the rough. As a DJ, Sloth knows how to mix his Genres and during his live set I caught in Austin Texas he grabbed my attention as I was walking the streets. A DJ though, am I going to write an entire post about a DJ? Yes, because … Read More

New Hot Now: Lorde

April 26, 2013By JobeeJamsJessGeneral, Music No Comments

 With blues inspired vocals Lorde’s music is the perfect mix of ambiance and vocals to make you sit up and listen. A girl in her teens from New Zealand Lorde takes her youthful taste and props it on display with the single ‘Royals.’ Check out her song below and keep an eye out for her … Read More

New Hot Now: Until The Ribbon Breaks

April 17, 2013By JobeeJamsJessGeneral, Music No Comments

Straight from Cardiff Until The Ribbon Breaks brings back the mix-tape with his use of samples and lyrics. His recent video ‘Pressure’ features edits from the David Lynch classic Lost Highway which caused not only music lovers to take notice of the video.   Watch the video below and leave comments letting me know what you think.  

The Hanna Barbarians Interview

October 3, 2012By JobeeJamsJessGeneral 4 Comments

Straight out of Texas and rocking hard, The Hanna Barbarians mix rockabilly with psychedelics in a way only southern boys could create. I sent a few questions to lead singer Blake Parish about the music and the upcoming album release in 4 parts. What inspires you to create music? Being a six piece band our … Read More

Elbow ‘First Steps’

July 26, 2012By JobeeJamsJessMusic No Comments

If you know me it is a fact that I am a HUGE Elbow fan. As such when it was announced that the band would compose the theme for the 2012 Olympic I jumped for joy and told everyone. Over the past few months counting down to the Olympics has been fun and now the … Read More

King Me

July 20, 2012By JobeeJamsJessGeneral, Music No Comments

O Conquer could easily be chunked with any other mellow alt rock band in Austin. So why am I writing about an album that will not see the light of day till November? Because they are not just another mellow alt rock band from Austin, they are a mixture of what I want from music … Read More

Calliope Musicals A Debut Album That Gives Back

July 12, 2012By JobeeJamsJessMusic No Comments

Calliope Musicals debut record, “Magic Militia” will be sold by homeless people in a campaign by the band to give back to the Austin community. The album was produced with the help of Affordable Sound and approximately 400 copies were given to homeless people around Austin to sell. All earnings will be kept by the homeless who … Read More

Waldo & The Naturals

July 8, 2012By JobeeJamsJessGeneral, Music No Comments

I recently sat down with Waldo & The Naturals before a show at 502 Bar, and we discussed music, Austin and what it’s like to be an independent band in the music capital. This was the first time I used a camera guy and he did a rad job. So I will just let the … Read More