Saturday 06 Feb 2016

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Failed Goose Island Radio Hour

I just found this on a thumb drive that I had lost (misplaced). I plugged it in and this mp3 popped up. See I had an idea (about a year ago) (Maybe two) that I pitched to Goose Island Brewery […]

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Alternative Halloween Party From Hell

This a special treat. Megan hasn't written anything for us in awhile. She still visits on occasion. Thanks for topical mix. Enjoy. also while you are

Planet Bro

Yes it's completely stolen from Coach but here it goes. My iPod on shuffle. One song that came up that I

Our Beach/Boating Summertime Mix

OK group think time. Please feel free to listen/comment/add songs/tell me to drop tunes etc. Are the songs good but in the wrong order? Tell

The “Hey what’s up?” Mix

I haven't put together a Grooveshark mix for a bit so here's a new one. Enjoy and after you listen please leave a comment or create your

Mix: 2 minute songs

Titled "It Just Started and Now It's Over". Enjoy. If you want send me your GrooveShark

Cyber Monday Mix

A little something something to listen to while surfing today for your loved ones. I am sure you'll be able to figure out why each song was