Monday Morning Music Mix

February 26, 2018By ChrisMusic No Comments

Quickly put together 13 songs this afternoon. Yes, 13. I’m counting the “Intro” as part of the School Of Fish tune. I may change the order or even a few songs after I listen to it. Comments? Hints? Give ’em to me. Enjoy. This could become a weekly thing. Or not. Song 1 I’ve been … Read More

Chris Bro on Spotify

September 19, 2017By ChrisMusic No Comments

Hello new music lovers NEXT was on Spotify. Then, we took a few years off. Then, a few NEXTers asked if I could add the NEXT playlist to Spotify. Now, NEXT is back on Spotify. So feel free to follow NEXT on Spotify. That way you wouldn’t miss your NEXT, new favorite song. Enjoy it … Read More


June 9, 2017By ChrisMusic, Musings By Mark 2 Comments

Thank you for playing “My 3 Songs”. I know this one was tough…actually impossible but damn if you didn’t step up and kick it. I can’t wait to try this mix out at our next outdoor/BBQ get together. A little bit of everything. A few songs that hopefully someone perks up and says, “Bro…I didn’t … Read More

Failed Goose Island Radio Hour

August 27, 2012By ChrisMusic 7 Comments

I just found this on a thumb drive that I had lost (misplaced). I plugged it in and this mp3 popped up. See I had an idea (about a year ago) (Maybe two) that I pitched to Goose Island Brewery about me hosting a music hour for them. They didn’t like the idea but I … Read More

Alternative Halloween Party From Hell

October 31, 2011By ChrisMusic No Comments

This a special treat. Megan hasn’t written anything for us in awhile. She still visits on occasion. Thanks for topical mix. Enjoy. also while you are crashing from your sugar high please watch Rock Center with Brian Williams. Kate Snow is on tonight. I’m a big fan of her’s and her work. You should be … Read More

Planet Bro

January 4, 2011By ChrisMusic 3 Comments

Yes it’s completely stolen from Coach but here it goes. My iPod on shuffle. One song that came up that I couldn’t find on Grooveshark was

Our Beach/Boating Summertime Mix

May 13, 2010By ChrisMusic 29 Comments

OK group think time. Please feel free to listen/comment/add songs/tell me to drop tunes etc. Are the songs good but in the wrong order? Tell me. We’ll make the changes and come up with your warm weather mix.

The “Hey what’s up?” Mix

April 29, 2010By ChrisMusic 2 Comments

I haven’t put together a Grooveshark mix for a bit so here’s a new one. Enjoy and after you listen please leave a comment or create your own (it’s quick and easy) and I’ll post it on the site for you.

Cyber Monday Mix

November 30, 2009By ChrisMusic No Comments

A little something something to listen to while surfing today for your loved ones. I am sure you’ll be able to figure out why each song was picked for this mix. Enjoy and as always let me know what you think.