Sunday 14 Feb 2016

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Week 500 11_25_15

I’m not one to dwell on the past but this one is pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty cool. I can’t believe we’ve been championing new music and under-appreciated bands for this long. What are some of your NEXT favorites? Songs or […]

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Week 497 11_04_15

Welcome to another month and another week of us finding you a new favorite song. Oh, it will happen. If you listen. Then when you

Week 482 07_22_15

Hello and welcome to a another week of us trying to find you a new favorite song. If you like NEXT share NEXT. If Next does

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Our Favorite Songs of 2015…so far

It's already been a brilliant year for new music lovers. Shall we take a few moments to review? What are your favorite songs? Are we missing any songs? Our Favorite

Week 461 Our Favorite Songs of Feb 2015

Hello lovers of new music. Thanks for listening. It's another last Wednesday of the month and that means it's time for our end of the month

Week 459 02_11_15

Hello and welcome to another week of us trying to find you a new favorite song. If that happens please leave a comment and tell a

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Week 436 09_03_14

Another month...another week...another hour of great new music. I hope you have enjoyed listening to NEXT. If that is the case please tell a friend. Thanks. We do


Week 399 Best Songs of 2013

New Music Discovery. Its the second of five shows as Brig wrote in the comment section at our website, "... its really been a great year for music."


X Mas 2013

Happy Holidays. Wishing you and all that you love a brilliant holiday season. Meiko - Wonderful Christmastime Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Walking in a Winter Wonderland Jon Lajoie -

Week 365 The Best Songs of April 2013

Damn what a brilliant month of tunes. I really needed two hours to get all the songs on the show that I wanted to. Here are