Guest DJ: Jon

March 8, 2010By ChrisMusic 10 Comments

Another guest DJ. Another good one. Please listen and leave a comment. This time it’s Jon from the band The Shake. I have played them on NEXT so maybe you recognize the name. Do yourself a favor and see them live. Rumor has it they put on a great show. I want to thank Jon … Read More

Guest DJ: Sully

March 1, 2010By ChrisMusic 17 Comments

Number 3. This time it’s Next Listener Sully. Please listen and leave him a comment. I am having a great time listening to your “shows”. I also want to thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to do this. He came in with almost 20 songs and Growler of Green Flash IPA … Read More

Guest DJ: Sachyn

February 9, 2010By ChrisMusic 16 Comments

This series of guest dj’s seems to be gathering speed and before we move on a thank you again to the first guest dj, Victor. Yes anyone can do this. You will have to gather 10 songs that make you happy. Put them on a flashdrive or burn a CD then get in touch with … Read More

Guest DJ: Victor

February 1, 2010By ChrisMusic 18 Comments

We are trying something new here at NEXT: A Guest DJ. Yes, you can join Victor as a Guest DJ. Collect 10 songs that you’d like to play. Email me and we’ll try to find a time that we can record your show. It’s that simple. Right Victor? The bar has been set. Pretty high … Read More