Monday 08 Feb 2016

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Week 500 11_25_15

I’m not one to dwell on the past but this one is pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty cool. I can’t believe we’ve been championing new music and under-appreciated bands for this long. What are some of your NEXT favorites? Songs or […]

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Week 422 Our Favorite Songs of May 2014

New Music Discovery. It's our favorite songs of May. Another glorious month of great new music (if you haven't listen to or want to listen to April's -

Week 421 05_21_14

We are New music discovery Hello Lovers. I hope all is good and beautiful in your little slice of the world. Remember next week is our end

Week 402 The Best Songs of 2013

New music Discovery. Our top 20 songs. Enjoy. Its the fifth of five end of the year best of shows. Relive the countdown (or maybe it's new to you).

Week 387 The Best Songs of Sept 2013

NEXT: Your place for new music discovery. Here they are. The best songs of this wondrous month of new music. As voted on by you at the

Week 386 09_19_13

NEXT is your place for new music discovery. If you like what you hear...spread the word. Please and thank you. Sorry this week is a

Week 372 06_12_13

We have a simple goal: Find you a NEXT, new favorite song. Please inform us of how we are doing. If you find a new favorite leave

Week 297 a Best of 2011 show (hour 1)

What's the best way to start 2012? By looking back at the best songs of 2011 of course. It's a two hour show just like last year.

Island of Misfit Songs 2011

Island of Misfit Songs 2011 by CBro Last year Allison, of Radio Patoto, asked me to write up a top ten “almost

Music Video Of The Day

Today's music video makes me think of Chaz Bono for some reason.  Today it's Grouplove with "Colours".  This one's pretty cool.  It starts off with the lead singer