Thursday 29 Jan 2015

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Week 457 Our Favorite Songs of January

Finally 2015. I hope you enjoyed our end of the year wrap up for 2014. Whether it was to remember the good tunes or re-introduce yourself to them. Please support these bands…or we wouldn’t have bands like this around to […]

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Reviews of NEXT

Thank you. I listen to Stitcher all the time. Yes, to Next but also family favorites like Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me or Radio Lab etc. Stitcher


Photos of Black Taxi and Fortune Creek at CLBC Charity Concert

Thank you Sachyn for these great photos. You captured the night. It was a fun night. Thanks for coming out. If you have photos of the night share... See you next

Black Taxi at CLBC

Tonight. The Next Charity Concert series continues at Captain Lawrence with the brilliant NYC band Black Taxi. If you have yet to experience this band live

Week 456 01_21_15

Well looking at the calendar I see two weeks left in January. If I post a new week this week then next week would be the last

Best of Whats Around Matted

A Small Collection of Our Favorite Songs of 2014

Thank you for listening. We've collected the 5 weeks of our favorite songs of 2014 in one place. Enjoy. Next would be nothing without it's friends.


48 years old but oh so new

So, I got a couple of highly-acclaimed box sets from some of my favorite artists ever for the holidays. Between them, the two boxes have 10 CDs, so

howard band

Interview with the band Howard

I sat down (and by sat I mean I sat at my computer and typed a few questions) with Howard. A new band from Brooklyn. They

Week 455 Our Favorite Songs of 2014

I sat down with my computer and the over 700 songs that NEXT played on the radio last year. That was about 5 weeks ago and of

Ahead of the Curve

Hello lovers of new music. We've already covered a few "Ahead of the Curve" NEXT bands. NEXT has a simple goal: Find you a new favorite song. We try