Friday 12 Feb 2016

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wealthy west

Week 511 02_10_16

Another week of us trying to find you a new favorite song. Let us know how we are doing. Thanks for listening. Please support these bands…or we wouldn’t have bands like this around to support. Buy an album, or a […]

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My 3 Songs: The Ocean/Sea

My daughter was going over our primate songs. We were loving the selections. I asked her for the next topic. She thought about it for

mr holmes

Mr Holmes

Quiet. If I had to do a 1 word review that would be it. Quiet. 2 words? Quietly brilliant. 3 words? Not

david mcmillin

My Life in Music: David McMillin of Fort Frances

Before we get to David's "Life in Music" I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Fort Frances (his band) just released the new single from their

the continuums

Week 510 02_03_16

I hope you listened to last month's favorite songs. It was a glorious month for lovers of new music. Please support these bands...or we wouldn't have bands like

tape songs we love

Week 509 Our Favorite Songs of Jan 2016

Welcome to a brilliant start to the new year. This week is our favorite songs that played on NEXT in January. I appreciate your tweets, Facebook

goodbye ink spot

Last Goodbye: Queen

It all started with Bowie's Last Goodbye. I didn't know whether to continue with Zevon, Cash or Queen. I flipped a coin and Queen won. Early 1991. "Innuendo" would

goodbye neon sign

Last Goodbye

I don't want this to be morbid or death obsessed or "wrong". Ever since David Bowie died and just two days prior, he left us, the world

todd m MPD

Week 508 01_20_16

New music discovery made easy. Let us do the work. You just need to listen and if you do find a new favorite song...share it. Please support

Week 507 01_13_16

Welcome to 2016. If it's only half as great as 2015 we are in for a treat. Also a first for us. 4 songs from