Song of the Day: Big Thief and Turnover

July 24, 2016By ChrisMusic No Comments

Hello and happy Sunday. Remember both of these lovely tunes can be heard (with a few others) on this week’s new music radio show NEXT week 534. Sunday Song of the Day It’s a good having coffee in the morning kinda song, no? Enjoy. Loud but not too loud. Soft but not too soft. Perfect … Read More

My 3 Songs: Hills

July 23, 2016By ChrisMusic No Comments

I don’t know what happened. Bad timing? Bad topic? Or maybe I “lost” a section of answers (that’s quite possible) but not a lot of NEXTers answered this one. Doesn’t matter. I’ve tallied the numbers. Gathered the info and now we get to listen to a few good tunes. Thanks again for playing “My 3 … Read More

Week 534 Full Show 07_20_16

July 20, 2016By ChrisMusic Podcast No Comments

I’m quite sure if you listen you’ll find a NEXT, new favorite song…and if you do find a NEXT, new favorite song please share NEXT with a music loving friend. Please and thank you. Please support these bands…or we wouldn’t have bands like this around to support. Buy an album, or a ticket to a … Read More

My Life in Music: Marla Zegart

July 19, 2016By ChrisMusic No Comments

I’m not quite sure how I was introduced to Marla but I’m happy I was. She is a music lover and I love music lovers. She was quite important to me this year. Every other year I head back to Chicago to put on a charity concert in my Dad’s name (Get ready for November … Read More

Song of the Day by Blah Blah Blah & Augustines

July 17, 2016By ChrisGeneral No Comments

You may hear these two songs and few others (58 minutes worth) on last week’s new music radio show called NEXT. It’s week 533 (damn, that’s a lot of radio shows) One of the songs came from this interview Song of the Day Sunday Thanks again to Ryan Miller of Guster for the intro to … Read More

Week 533 Full Show 07_13_16

July 13, 2016By ChrisMusic Podcast No Comments

Hello nice people. I do hope you find a NEXT, new favorite song. If that does happen I’d love for two things to happen. One, that you would write us a comment. Two, that you would share NEXT with a few friends. Help spread the love of great new music. Enjoy it all. Please support … Read More

Simple Questions with Ryan Miller of Guster

July 10, 2016By ChrisMusic No Comments

Ryan Miller is brilliant. He is a brilliant front man. He is a brilliant human being. I saw him backstage and said, “Hey Ryan would it be possible to do a quick chat with you?” We had met before and he remembered. Bonus points…my kids were with me and he was brilliant (yes that word … Read More

Week 532 Full Show 07_06_16

July 6, 2016By ChrisMusic Podcast No Comments

Welcome to another month of us trying to find you a NEXT, new favorite song. June was brilliant (the end of the year is going to be hell). I hope you listened to our favorite songs (of June)…if not, you should listen. If you have already…thank you…and you should listen again. Please support these bands…or … Read More

Advice From An 83 Year Old Man

July 4, 2016By ChrisMusings By Mark No Comments

Is this true? It’s being passed around social media (so probably not). It’s doesn’t matter. You should read it. Happy Fourth. Have a nice BBQ, Beer, Soda, Fish, Wine, Tequila, Pizza, or whatever with family and friends. And remember if you love someone hug them right now. 1. Have a firm handshake. 2. Look people … Read More