Thursday 28 May 2015

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Week 474 Our Favorite Songs of May 2015

It’s time again for our end of the month collection of our favorite hour of new music. Please support these bands…or we wouldn’t have bands like this around to support. If there are any bands/managers/labels etc that want their music […]

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penny jar

Crowdsourcing A Small Music Venue: The Penny Jar

This jar with only a few pennies and a bit of lose change proves that my 9 year is the coolest person in the world. That was a rather


Week 473 05_21_15

Hello and welcome to another week or us trying to find you a new favorite song. Please share with the class your favorite song this week. Or don't. Please


Week 472 05_13_15

Hello and welcome to another week of great new music as we try and find you a NEXT, new favorite song. If that does indeed happen please


Week 471 05_06_15

Welcome to the first show of May. I hope you enjoyed our favorite songs of April. It was a damn fine month of new music.

The Modern Electric Live

Kickstarter: Modern Electric

If you have followed NEXT even for a short while you know I have a few favorites (we all do). This Cleveland band, The Modern Electric, is

Week 470 Our Favorite Songs of April 2015

Hello lovers. Another fine month of great new music. If you like what you hear spread that new music love all over the place. It wasn't easy


Week 469 04_22_15

Hello and welcome. NEXT is a new music show for new music lovers. Enjoy it all. If you like what you hear please do us

WildAdriatic live

Live Music Event with Wild Adriatic

Tour the US. Check. Tour Europe. Check. Play a NEXT charity concert. Check. Play Bonnaroo. That will be checked soon. And you'll get to see Wild Adriatic in

joe pug

Week 468 04_15_15

Hello new music lovers. How about some new music for your new music loving ears? If you like something let us know. Please and thank