Friday 12 Feb 2016

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Deadbeat Darling live EP

Deadbeat Darling at Captain Lawrence Brewery for our charity concert series. This is just a sample, an EP, of the brilliant night of rock n roll they provided. Joseph King, the lead singer, is recording a solo album. Help him […]

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The NEXT Living Room Presents: Joseph King

Friday June 7th. A front row seat to a backstage experience. Trying something new. Trying something (hopefully) very fun. Trying something easy. It's an online evening hosted by


NEXT Upcoming Events

Life is busy. NEXT is busy. You're busy. We are all busy but we would love to hang out with you someday (night) soon.

Stay at Home Radio vol 6 Playlist

Thank you for listening. Happy Friday. We post a new show every Friday and this show just disappears. Enjoy. If you want to listen to

Stay at Home Radio vol 6

A new musical experiment. If any bands/managers/labels etc want their music removed please contact me (chris at allthingsnext dot com) and I'll promptly remove it. Thank


Week 349 The Best Songs of 2012

A good way to start 2013 is by listening to the best songs of 2012 (maybe). Here they are songs 16 - 1. Thank you for

Charity Concert with Deadbeat Darling

Thank you music lovers for coming out last month for The Stationary Set and helping our charity concert series. You'll want to come back for this brilliant

Episode 14

900 Seconds Episode 14: "Benefits" from Shane Mcgaffey on Vimeo. 2 Guys (just one guy this week but Jim did tell Chris what video he wanted) (it's a


CMJ 2012 showcase with MezzoForte Productions

What an amazing night. I only had my iPhone so not the greatest pictures but I'll post a few any way. Thanks again to Nichole, Mercury Lounge and

CMJ 2012: Deadbeat Darling

We have an amazing lineup at Mercury Lounge. I am very happy to be working with MezzoForte Productions again for our CMJ 2012 Showcase on Saturday October 20th. Get