Sunday 07 Feb 2016

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Coach Weighs In – Joe Paterno

Joe Paterno was a vile human being.  Yes it’s true.  As far as sports figures are concerned he’s right up there with OJ Simpson in the “scum of the earth” category.  Joe Paterno got off easy by dying before he […]

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Obama Isn’t Married To His Stance On Gay Marriage

Well it appears the President has finally taken a stand on gay marriage or has he?  I've had disdain for our President, and just about everyone else in


Coach Weighs In – The Oscars 2012

This review of the Oscars may be slightly incomplete being that it was hard to stay awake through the whole thing.  Let's get to it.  I'll do it


Coach Weighs In – Grammy’s 2012

So much to cover from the biggest night in music.  In general it was pretty decent.  The Grammy's are always the better of the awards shows because they


Coach Weighs In – Super Bowl XLVI

OK everyone it's one of my favorite times of the year.  It's the unofficial holiday we Americans call the Super Bowl.  This year's Super Bowl experience was even


Coach Weighs In – Libya

Well it seems they're dropping like flies over in the mid-east.  I guess you can say it all started way back when Sadam Hussein was finally killed.  Hosni


Coach Weighs In – Wall Street Protests

So it appears these people down at wall street just refuse to leave.  I get that people feel the need to protest every now and then but for

Uncle Sam Broke

Coach Weighs In – Credit Downgrade

So it seems like everyone is freaked out about our credit rating being downgraded to AA+.  I don't really know much about how this stuff works but that's


Coach Weighs In – Debt Ceiling

OK I'm not even going to pretend I have any idea what the debt ceiling is.  You have to excuse me for my ignorance though because it's not


Coach Weighs In – Gay Marriage

OK it's about time I weigh in on the subject because oh so many people are just dying to know what I have to say.  As we all