Monday 25 May 2015

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Week 470 Our Favorite Songs of April 2015

Hello lovers. Another fine month of great new music. If you like what you hear spread that new music love all over the place. It wasn’t easy picking this hour of new music (and yes I probably made a few […]

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Rock n Roll Wisdom

Bruce once sang "We learned more from a three-minute record. Baby, than we ever learned in school." Let's call this graduate school. Or pre-school. I'll quote a few

Week 466 04_01_15

A bit late...can I blame the fact that I'm working on my taxes? Alrighty then, who's ready for new music? If you like NEXT let a friend know.

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900 Seconds Show 2

Thanks for watching Show 1. I asked for feedback. I got feedback. I hope for more feedback or at least votes for your favorite video.


Photos of Black Taxi and Fortune Creek at CLBC Charity Concert

Thank you Sachyn for these great photos. You captured the night. It was a fun night. Thanks for coming out. If you have photos of the night share... See you next

Black Taxi at CLBC

Tonight. The Next Charity Concert series continues at Captain Lawrence with the brilliant NYC band Black Taxi. If you have yet to experience this band live

Week 456 01_21_15

Well looking at the calendar I see two weeks left in January. If I post a new week this week then next week would be the last

Ahead of the Curve

Hello lovers of new music. We've already covered a few "Ahead of the Curve" NEXT bands. NEXT has a simple goal: Find you a new favorite song. We try

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Next Charity Concert Featuring Black Taxi

I think we should start off the new year (oh yeah merry new year by the way) with one the greatest live acts around: Black Taxi We are headed

best of 2014

Week 452 Our Favorite Songs of 2014

Show 2 of 5. Songs 62 to 48. Enjoy. This year we have time to play 77 of the 291 songs that made an end of the