Friday 19 Dec 2014

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Ring in the New Year with Black Taxi

Upgrade your NYE plans by heading out to Mercury Lounge (info and tickets) and hang out with one of the best live musical acts around; Black Taxi. I have seen many concerts over the years and these lads are one […]

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Week 444 Our Favorite Songs of Oct 2014

Hello and welcome to the 10th end of the month review we call "Our favorite songs." Hear all of our Favorite Songs of 2014 (so far). There's a


Week 441 10_08_14

Hello music lovers. Surely after 440 weeks you know the drill. We try to find you a new favorite song every week. Let us know

Week 440 10_01_14

Hello lovers. Welcome to another month of great new music. Let us know if you do indeed find something cool. If there are any bands/managers/labels etc that want their

bt electroshock lp

Pre-order the new Black Taxi Album

You know them (you better know them). You love them (hell if you don't love them; then you either have never seen them live or don't think


The Best Bass Player in Rock History

According to NEXTers as told to me (Chris Bro) via a rather unscientific poll on Facebook and Twitter. We've all ready voted on the best singer. I think


Black Taxi is playing a B Day Party

How to throw the perfect Birthday Day Party. Step 1: Be born Step 2: Live long enough to have a few B Days Step 3: Have Black Taxi perform at a

tony vanza with trailer and black taxi

Help Black Taxi Out

Hello Friends. Lovers. And Lovers of Great Music! RIP Tony Vanza Our good friends in BLACK TAXI, one of the greatest live bands around and all around great

Week 402 The Best Songs of 2013

New music Discovery. Our top 20 songs. Enjoy. Its the fifth of five end of the year best of shows. Relive the countdown (or maybe it's new to you).

Week 392 the Best Songs of Oct 2013

New Music Discovery. Here they are...the best songs of the month. Enjoy. 15 songs that you should be listening to. If any bands/managers/labels etc want their music removed please contact