Wednesday 10 Feb 2016

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Songs I Love: Pearl Jam & The Felice Brothers

We talk music here. Sometimes other topics pop up but mainly music. One subject we have tackled is probably the most important musical test there is: The Car Test. Also know as the Driving Test. You’re in your car. Driving. […]

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Songs I Love: Justin Currie

Settle in and get ready for an epic journey. We are talking over 8 minutes here people. Like all epic songs it's long but it seems

Songs I Love: Locksley

Gotta love the "Oh Oh Oh Oh Ohs". Gotta love the FUN and you gotta love songs with counting in them. Gotta love the call and response

Songs I Love: The Whigs

It's Friday. It's upbeat time so for the "Songs I Love" post I'll stay with a driving song again. I played this song in January and

Cool Band on a Warm Night

It's too hot in my house to sleep, so I figured that I'd share what I am crazy about music wise at the moment. (This is Megan for

Songs I love: Blood Red Shoes

One of my favorite "driving songs" of 2010. It's Blood Red Shoe's and their song "Light It Up". I am a big fan of duos that make a