May 16, 2011By CoachSports 1 Comment

Hey guys Coach here.  I just have to take this opportunity to congratulate that scrappy underdog team from the north on their series sweep of the Yankees.  To think a team that is so scrappy can rise up and defeat a team like the greedy, big spending, and just downright mean New York Yankees in … Read More

Hip, Hip……….Jorge!

May 15, 2011By sullyGeneral, Sports No Comments

So I let the Sox/Yanks series creep up on me.  I inadvertently avoided all the hype, although that is probably best.  And last night, after a long suburban parent Saturday, I opened a Racer 5 IPA and sat down to watch the vaunted Yankee lineup face a rejuvenated Josh Beckett. But the Yanks were without their DH.  Apparently, … Read More

To Travel or Not to Travel?

May 11, 2011By LisaSports No Comments

No, I didn’t accidentally end up here on my way to the Food section.  Hope you’ll indulge me a little while I vent about sports. Not professional sports, although the idea that I won’t be able to spend my Sundays in the fall watching hot, sweaty guys in tight uniforms play irks me. No, I … Read More

The enemy of my enemy…….

May 8, 2011By sullySports No Comments

So the NBA playoffs are in full swing, and I’m all in. I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t pay the closet attention if the playoffs don’t have a local flavor. A basketball purist might tune in just to marvel at the emergence of Derrick Rose in Chicago, but I’m watching two things right … Read More

NFL Player Gets Drafted Twice

May 3, 2011By CoachSports 2 Comments

Oops.  That’s what the Browns basically said when they mistakenly called Cameron Jordan, the Cal defensive end, to draft him in the 4th round of the draft.  It would have been an excellent pick had Cameron Jordan not already been drafted in the first round by the New Orleans Saints.  Getting a first round pick … Read More

Roger Goodell Does Not Do Steroids….We Think

April 26, 2011By CoachMusings By Mark, Sports No Comments

Phew!  OK everyone you all can relax now.  Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, does not do steroids.  Surprised?  Mean either.  For some reason Roger Goodell subjected himself to a surprise test for HGH.  He wants to include testing in the next collective bargaining agreement.  What this proves though no one really knows.  Especially … Read More

Jersey War

April 26, 2011By sullySports 11 Comments

Chris Bro and I talked a bit while watching future Hall of Famer Jimmer Fredette, and we wondered what would happen if you opened a conversation on the greatest player to ever wear a particular number, and then threw in a bunch of names from a variety of sports. I guess we’ll find out. In … Read More

Fire This Man

April 19, 2011By CoachMusings By Mark, Sports No Comments

A few weeks ago A man was beaten outside of Dodger stadium because he was wearing a San Francisco Giants jersey.  That man now lies in a medically induced coma fighting for his life.  The victim, Bryan Stow, is a father of two and it’s possible his children will now grow up without a father … Read More