Saturday 06 Feb 2016

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red sox best team in baseball 2011

Greatest Team Ever From Boston Loses…….Again

Hey guys Coach here.  After watching the greatest night of regular season baseball in history so I felt obliged to write about it.  Well it appears that the Curse may be back. I wouldn’t be surprised if Carl Crawford was […]

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Next Fantasy Football

Football found a way to split 8 billion dollars just so that I have something to do on Sundays. How nice of them. Football season means

Jersey War – The Greatest #12 Ever

So the NFL Lockout is over, and I'm going with a number that you see on some of the greatest players in the NFL. The QB who

I <3 the NFL

I tried to pretend I was indifferent.  And I may have actually convinced myself that I would not be bothered by a missed NFL season.  I felt taken

The Downfall Of Society

Is that headline a little strong? Maybe but over the weekend I noticed an interesting phenomenon that I feel speaks volumes about where we are as a society.

The Jeter Hatred

So unless you've been in hiding, or perhaps on a cruise somewhere (or maybe at the Pleasantville Music Festival), you probably know that this guy named Derek Jeter

To Hell with your Lockouts!

Surely, I am not the only sports fan that gets a little crazy about lockouts in professional sports.  It is, ultimately, a betrayal of the connection that exists

This Day In Sports History

Hey guys Coach here.  I saw this today and figured I'd share.  On this day in sports history "Iron" Mike Tyson beat the living crap out of Michael


In Defense Of Lebron

Hey guys Coach here.  On the heels of last night's epic failure by the Heat I felt it necessary to post something in defense of Lebron James.  There's


Papi Pops Prodigious Power

This man, of course, is Big Papi.  Formally, he is known as David Ortiz, but for our purposes, he is simply Papi. Back to him in a moment.  Briefly,