Friday 28 Aug 2015

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Week 478 Our Favorite Songs of June 2015

Our favorite songs as voted on by you via your Facebook comments, Tweets, and the comment section at our website. You mention you dig a song and it has a stronger chance of making our end of the month collection. […]

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sundara karma

Week 477 06_17_15

Don't get me started. Damn computer. It's all better now thanks to MacInspires. Thanks Travis, well actually Mike. OK on to the music. Next week


Week 476 06_10_15

Here it is your weekly radio program dedicated to finding you a new favorite song. Enjoy. If you find a song you like please let us


Week 475 06_03_15

Welcome to another new month and we shall fill it will new tunes. Have you listened to our favorite songs of May? It was a pretty,


Week 474 Our Favorite Songs of May 2015

It's time again for our end of the month collection of our favorite hour of new music. Please support these bands...or we wouldn't have bands like this


Week 473 05_21_15

Hello and welcome to another week or us trying to find you a new favorite song. Please share with the class your favorite song this week. Or don't. Please


Week 472 05_13_15

Hello and welcome to another week of great new music as we try and find you a NEXT, new favorite song. If that does indeed happen please


Week 471 05_06_15

Welcome to the first show of May. I hope you enjoyed our favorite songs of April. It was a damn fine month of new music.

Week 470 Our Favorite Songs of April 2015

Hello lovers. Another fine month of great new music. If you like what you hear spread that new music love all over the place. It wasn't easy


Week 469 04_22_15

Hello and welcome. NEXT is a new music show for new music lovers. Enjoy it all. If you like what you hear please do us