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Ever wonder what would happen if a ninja swung his samurai sword like a bat when someone threw him a baseball? Me neither but it’s still kind of cool.

Music Video Of The Day

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Today I’m going with another weird 80’s video. This video has a high synthesizer factor and all of the bad effects, bad costumes, bad dancing , and bad hair you could ask for. Today’s music video of the day is …

Cover Song

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Came across this cover the other day and figured it’d be good to share with you guys. From time to time I’ll throw a good cover up here for you to enjoy. Today is Chris Cornell covering Led Zeppelin with …


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Just thought I’d throw this up there because I love it so much. It’s a video of Nickelback getting pelted with rocks. Below I answer the questions that Chad Kroeger asks the crowd.

1. “Have we got any Nickelback fans …


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We don’t need no stinking remakes. The Karate Kid has been remade. Why? Well this isn’t about Hollywood running out of ideas but rather the point is that if you have a hankering for some Karate Kid there are better …

Welcome Coach

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Please help me welcome Coach to the NEXT family.

Well Coach this is your corner. Enjoy.

Welcome to Candy Mountain er I mean NEXT. It should be an adventure.