New Video From J Antonette

April 27, 2017By ChrisMusings By Mark 1 Comment

Big fan.

I am a big fan of talented people that are good people.

She was out on tour as a back up singer for Melissa Etheridge. Returned to Westchester NY. Sat down. Wrote songs. She had been writing for …

420 Songs

April 20, 2017By ChrisMusings By Mark No Comments

This song clocks in a 4 minutes and 20 seconds. I wonder why?

“Rainy Day Woman #12 and 35,” Dylan repeatedly chants, “Everybody must get stoned!” And 12 multiplied by 35 equals 420! Sorry, no. Points for creativity, not reality.…

Welcome Wilco

March 28, 2017By ChrisMusings By Mark No Comments

Wilco released their debut album in 1995. On this day. They called it A.M.

I barely had time to weep over the break up of Uncle Tupelo. This was pre-internet so it wasn’t announced and debated over twitter in milliseconds. …