New Video From J Antonette

April 27, 2017By ChrisMusings By Mark 1 Comment

Big fan. I am a big fan of talented people that are good people. She was out on tour as a back up singer for Melissa Etheridge. Returned to Westchester NY. Sat down. Wrote songs. She had been writing for other people but this time she decided to write for herself. She released her debut … Read More

Rolling Stones Record Release Day

April 23, 2017By ChrisMusings By Mark No Comments

Ok a bit of hyperbole as it’s only 2 of 25 albums but still. Two albums released on the same day…surely that doesn’t happened too often. For any band. 1971 The Rolling Stones release their 11th US studio album, Sticky Fingers. Let’s dig deep. One of their best non-singles Could be their best And RS … Read More

420 Songs

April 20, 2017By ChrisMusings By Mark No Comments

This song clocks in a 4 minutes and 20 seconds. I wonder why? “Rainy Day Woman #12 and 35,” Dylan repeatedly chants, “Everybody must get stoned!” And 12 multiplied by 35 equals 420! Sorry, no. Points for creativity, not reality. Also clocking in at 420 Another 4 minute 20 second tune. See what I’m doing? … Read More

My Life in Music: Footloose

April 9, 2017By ChrisMusic, Musings By Mark No Comments

Jump Back. I need to start using that more often. I think we all do. Family movie time. Somehow we picked the classic 1984 film about a no dancing town. I’m still a “no dancing town” myself so I don’t get all the fuss. Actually now that I’m writing this I just figured it out. … Read More

Pickwick Announce New Album

April 7, 2017By ChrisMusic, Musings By Mark No Comments

Love Joy will be released on July 7. Chris Bro happy boy. Thanks to Jessica for the heads up. Damn funky lead single (duh) (or should I say no duh?) Pre-order at Pickwick’s website. I have been a fan since seeing them at SXSW 2012. You’ll need to scroll down quite a bit. Look at … Read More

Welcome Wilco

March 28, 2017By ChrisMusings By Mark No Comments

Wilco released their debut album in 1995. On this day. They called it A.M. I barely had time to weep over the break up of Uncle Tupelo. This was pre-internet so it wasn’t announced and debated over twitter in milliseconds. I’m sure by the time I found out about the break up Wilco had already … Read More

The First Rock N Roll Concert

March 21, 2017By ChrisMusic, Musings By Mark 1 Comment

On this date in 1952…Cleveland stakes a claim on rock history when the Moondog Coronation Ball is held at the Cleveland Arena. WJW DJ Alan Freed (“Moondog” on the air) set it up. This is now considered the first rock concert. It may be one of the shortest too. It was shut down after one … Read More

My Life In Music: Andy Kuusisto

March 6, 2017By ChrisMusic, Musings By Mark 2 Comments

I met Andy through Steven Wright Mark. I believe he was playing bass with SWM. I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong before and I shall be wrong again. Everyone has a music journey. I hope everyone continues to have a musical journey. This is Andy’s musical journey in his own words. Andy Kuusisto on … Read More