My 3 Songs: Sports

November 7, 2016By ChrisMusic, Musings By Mark No Comments

I still think it’s dream. Congrats Cubs. Fly the W. Now that Theo has broken the Red Sox and the Cubs curses…he can obviously fix anything. Write in Theo for president (or Bill Murray). Go Sports. I’m not starting with the most votes this time around. Why? Because I love this song…and it was a … Read More

My Life In Music: David Goodhand

October 7, 2016By ChrisMusic, Musings By Mark 1 Comment

I love how I met David. It’s a long story. It involves a stateside soccer club…and the World Cup in South Africa. If you want the full story I’ll buy you a beer and we’ll chat. I am very happy that I met David. Here’s part of his musical journey. Thanks for sharing this with … Read More

91 is 25: Pearl Jam

September 29, 2016By ChrisMusic, Musings By Mark No Comments

My brother texts. Are you in? Yes. Silly question really. Even if I have to move the family trip to Yellowstone around. I will be there. Dad of the year I am. It’s Pearl Jam at Wrigley (again). Hopefully there isn’t another 3 hour Lightning and rain delay (THAT SUCKED). But PJ did come back … Read More

My Life in Music: Kathy Conway

September 16, 2016By ChrisMusic, Musings By Mark 3 Comments

This brilliant series continues. We all have a musical life. We all have a musical story to tell. I “met” Kathy on Twitter. Someday we’ll meet in person but until that day comes I’m happy that we have Twitter to communicate. Thank you social media, for without you, I wouldn’t have “met” this music lover. … Read More

My Life in Music: Zack and Abby

August 29, 2016By ChrisMusic, Musings By Mark No Comments

We were eating lunch today (yesterday by the time I post this). Kate was in Oregon running Hood to Coast. Everyone was fixing what they wanted for the mid day meal. Zack had a salmon burger. Abby was putting together cut up cucumber and green apples to go with left over pizza (brussel sprouts on … Read More

Advice From An 83 Year Old Man

July 4, 2016By ChrisMusings By Mark No Comments

Is this true? It’s being passed around social media (so probably not). It’s doesn’t matter. You should read it. Happy Fourth. Have a nice BBQ, Beer, Soda, Fish, Wine, Tequila, Pizza, or whatever with family and friends. And remember if you love someone hug them right now. 1. Have a firm handshake. 2. Look people … Read More