9/11 Songs

September 11, 2017By ChrisMusic, Musings By Mark No Comments

Through tears and hopefulness I write this. As I listen to the songs. Thank you musicians. If you love someone hug them right now. Springsteen wrote this after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on America. This song is dedicated to the 343 firefighters we lost that day. Cornell explained the song to MTV News: … Read More

Happy B Day Bill Berry

July 31, 2017By ChrisMusings By Mark 1 Comment

William Thomas Berry was born on this day in 1958. He is a retired American musician. Mr Berry is probably best known as the drummer for the alternative rock band, r.e.m.. When alternative actually meant something. First time on TV. Of course, it begins with Bill pounding the tubs. Holy balls I miss them. An … Read More

Bruce Plays A Very Special “Jungleland”

July 28, 2017By ChrisMusings By Mark No Comments

2012 Bruce Springsteen is on tour. Shocking I know. They playing a show in Gothenburg, Sweden. Bruce Springsteen plays “Jungleland” for the first time since the death of Clarence Clemons. Clarence had died a year earlier. You will get chills. Unless you are dead inside. Bruce dedicates the song to Clemons. Jake, Clarence’s nephew, earns … Read More

The Drink Kate Snow and Jane Lynch

July 8, 2017By ChrisGeneral, Musings By Mark No Comments

This is a new series hosted by Kate Snow (my wife). Kate sits down with someone and for the length of a drink chats about “How did you get here?”. Her first guest is the brilliant Jane Lynch (gotta love those Chicago girls). Actress Jane Lynch shares insights on should you set goals, the challenges … Read More

Happy B Day Nick Drake

June 19, 2017By ChrisMusings By Mark No Comments

1948. Nick Drake is born in Rangoon, Burma. Raised in England. Releases three albums before his death in 1974. He didn’t find a wide audience when he was living. And if it weren’t for an ad, a generation of music lovers would have possibly missed out. I’m so thankful for the music he put out … Read More

We’re On A Mission From God

June 16, 2017By ChrisMusic, Musings By Mark No Comments

and Chicago was never the same again. The Year? 1980. The Date? Today. The movie? The Blues Brothers. It premiered in Chicago. A movie that can not be described. Some call it a musical. Others, a comedy. Some, a buddy movie. Hell, you could just call it a bloated vanity project. The Blues Brothers started … Read More

Live Event of the Summer

June 15, 2017By ChrisMusings By Mark No Comments

Are you ready Westchester NY? Are you ready for the live music event of the summer? Lyle Lovett or Ben Harper at The Cap? Close but not quite good enough. Bob Dylan? Don’t make me laugh (oh and please don’t waste your time or money) (I mean it) Aimee Mann or Chris Isaak at Tarrytown … Read More