Monday 25 May 2015

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Black Taxi is playing a B Day Party

How to throw the perfect Birthday Day Party. Step 1: Be born Step 2: Live long enough to have a few B Days Step 3: Have Black Taxi perform at a Westchester Brewery. Step 4: Enjoy the show, drink some […]

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Next Living Room Presents: Joseph King (webcast)

We are so happy that Mr Joseph King has decided to come back to the NEXT living room and play his special brand of rock n roll for

Charity Concert with The Modern Electric

Great music. Great beer. Great people gathering together for a great cause. What's not to like? The NEXT charity concert series is coming to the Chicagoland

CMJ: No Way Josie at 2 AM

Who says nothing good happens after midnight? I gotta be straight with you. I'm white. I can't dance. I can't jump but this band,

CMJ: Hockey at Midnight

From Beervana (Portland OR) to upstate NY to our CMJ showcase. Hockey is West Coast laid back rock made on the East Coast. This duo will ring in

CMJ: Black Taxi at 11 PM

If I were to build the perfect band it would be Black Taxi. I've seen 1,000s of live shows and this band is truly one of the

CMJ: Wild Adriatic at 10 PM

Voice of an angel and a bad ass backing band. Stop by to see this brilliant band blow you away at 10 PM at our CMJ showcase on Saturday,

CMJ: Josh Berwanger Band at 9 PM

From the wide open skyline of Kansas comes the spirit and ethos of classic rock with the kind of pop sensibility that will make CMJ shout with joy. Join

CMJ: Gemini Club at 8 PM

And lo they shall come to rock and dance with us during the music fest that is called CMJ. They shall venture forth from The City of

CMJ: Marmalakes at 7 PM

They keep Austin rockin' (and weird). They play second (who does number two work for?) at our CMJ showcase on Saturday, 10/19 at Mercury Lounge! This showcase is