Next Week 673

March 20, 2019By ChrisMusic, Music Podcast No Comments

Hello from San Diego. Here for a conference. I’m an introvert so this is awesome. 5 to 7,000 people to not talk to. Somebody get me a beer. Luckily San Diego has a few great breweries. Wish me luck as I try to hand out as many business cards as possible. On to the music. … Read More

Next Week 672

March 13, 2019By ChrisGeneral, Music Podcast No Comments

Not feeling 100% and I may be hopped up on NyQuil so forgive me any trespasses. You are here for new music and thank you for being here for new music. You are my favorite kind of people. New music loving people. Hugs for everyone. Even the non new music people. Well, maybe not them. … Read More

Next Week 671 Full Show 03_06_19

March 6, 2019By ChrisGeneral, Music Podcast No Comments

Thank you for listening. You are lovely people for listening to new music. I can’t thank you enough. Next is your place for new music discovery. As always, our goal is to find you – a NEXT, new favorite song. Share with us any and all songs that make your ears smile. Or your brain … Read More

Next Week 670 Full Show Notable Songs of Feb 2019

February 27, 2019By ChrisMusic, Music Podcast No Comments

Here we are. It’s time for a quick look back. Welcome to another end of the month rewind – a nice look back. It’s our Notable songs of February. In the year 20 19. Thanks for listening. If this is your first listen…welcome. If you are a returning listener…you are my favorite new music listener. … Read More

Next Week 669 Full Show 02_20_19

February 20, 2019By ChrisGeneral, Music Podcast No Comments

Hey Chris I follow you on social media. Aren’t skiing in Taos NM? Yes, yes I am. One. You should ski this mountain. Two. That’ how much new music means to me. The Fam is in a post ski hot tub and where am I? Giving you the new music that you desire. I appreciate … Read More

Next Week 668 Full Show 02_13_19

February 13, 2019By ChrisGeneral, Music Podcast No Comments

You are here for one thing. It ain’t my writing. It’s music. New music. You don’t have the time to listen to “everything” any more. So welcome. Sit back. Listen. Enjoy. And if you do find a song you love…share it. Make sure the world knows it exists. We all need to be new music … Read More

Next Week 667 Full Show 02_06_19

February 6, 2019By ChrisMusic, Music Podcast No Comments

Hello. Hello. Hello. Glad you found us. It’s week 667. So we’ve been doing this awhile. So if it’s your first time. Welcome. If you’ve been here before – thank you for the kind return. Appreciated greatly. You have a choice. Holy balls – too many choices and the fact you listened to us and … Read More

My Life In Music – Joe Marraccino

February 2, 2019By ChrisGeneral, Music No Comments

I never liked the term rat race to describe corporate life. Too many good people and good firms are out there. At times though, you might feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, an endless cycle that keeps spinning…  Get a job.  Get married.  Buy a house.  Have kids…  You need to run faster just to keep up…  Get a bigger … Read More

Next Week 666 Full Show 01_30_19

January 31, 2019By ChrisGeneral, Music Podcast No Comments

Hello lovers. Lovers of new music. I appreciate that you listen to the NEXT. There’s a lot of great music and a lot of places you can find new music. The fact you listen to NEXT means quite a bit. It warms my heart. Even the cockles of my heart. And we all know how … Read More

NEXT Week 665 Full Show 01_23_19

January 23, 2019By ChrisGeneral, Music, Music Podcast 6 Comments

This is NEXT.  We like new music. I like new music. strike that. Love new music. You like new music. We all like new music. That’s why you are here. That’s why I spend way too much time picking the music, deciding on the flow of the songs, and putting this show together. Thanks for … Read More