Wednesday 23 Jul 2014

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"Mama always said..."

Best Movie Moms

Mother’s Day is around the corner (it’s Sunday the 13th, don’t forget), which makes this a good time to look at some of movie’s best mothers. I’ll admit, coming up with this list was harder than it should have been. […]

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The Intouchables

Please. Please. Please don't let "reading" a movie stop you from seeing this film. Also don't let the fact that Weinstein is already planning a

13 Assassins

I think everyone goes through a samurai phase. Or maybe it's just me. Or people that grew up in the 70s. I had read good

The Muppets (2011)

The Muppets haven't seen the big screen in 12 years. I am happy to announce that the 2011 version is pure classic Muppets. Just like I

Gimme 'Shelter'

Five Reasons To See ‘Take Shelter’

  There's a good chance you haven't heard of Take Shelter, a new psychological horror film by director Jeff Nichols. It didn't get a wide release and it's more


John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’: ‘Alien’ on Ice

The Thing, a remake/prequel of the 1982 film of the same name, comes out this weekend. Reviews have been mixed, with many critics pointing out that the lazy

Brought to you by Purell

Top 5 Disease Movies: Spooky Sicknesses and How They Rate

It’s October, and the cold is starting to settle in. Sniffles and coughs fill the air. Flu season is almost here. Did that waiter just sneeze? Is that

Gnarly wave, bro

Your Guide to Stormy Movies

Hurricane! There's a hurricane a-blowin'! Batten down the hatches! If you live on the East Coast, or basically follow any news at all, you know that Hurricane Irene

It's a Dark movie. Ha ha! Get it??

The Dark Crystal: Muppets Get Serious, Kinda

I’ve been on a Muppet kick since I wrote about the Green Album earlier this week. The album, covers of classic Muppets songs, unleashed a wave of nostalgia for those

So long, Potter.

Farewell Harry, We Hardly Knew Ye

Well, that’s it. The end of Harry Potter as we know it. The final film in the epic franchise, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, came