Mr Holmes

February 5, 2016By ChrisMovies No Comments

mr holmesQuiet. If I had to do a 1 word review that would be it. Quiet.

2 words? Quietly brilliant.

3 words? Not your average Holmes adventure movie. Wait that’s not 3 words. How about: it’s an art film. Damn that’s …

The Stars Look Very Different…Today

January 11, 2016By ChrisMovies 9 Comments

A wearing D Bowie T5 songs. Usually you can describe an artist, a band, in 5 songs. Hell, sometimes it takes just one. 5 songs is enough to cover different phases. Different eras.

5 songs isn’t enough to even begin to describe David Bowie.…

Our Favorite Music Movies

July 28, 2014By ChrisMovies, Music No Comments

music and moviesI asked. You answered (via Twitter and Facebook). Thank you for your comments. I gathered the votes. Here are our favorite music movies. I will have to say there are a few movies I haven’t seen yet. They are in …

The Intouchables

May 3, 2012By ChrisMovies 14 Comments

Please. Please. Please don’t let “reading” a movie stop you from seeing this film. Also don’t let the fact that Weinstein is already planning a Hollywood remake (with Colin Firth) stop you from see this film. If I may borrow …

13 Assassins

January 6, 2012By ChrisMovies No Comments

I think everyone goes through a samurai phase. Or maybe it’s just me. Or people that grew up in the 70s.

I had read good reviews about 13 Assassins so I asked Netflix to mail me a DVD and they …

The Muppets (2011)

November 7, 2011By ChrisMovies 2 Comments

The Muppets haven’t seen the big screen in 12 years. I am happy to announce that the 2011 version is pure classic Muppets. Just like I remembered. Oh and while we are chatting classic Muppets please parents buy the boxset …

Favorite John Cusack film: The Finals

March 10, 2011By ChrisMovies 4 Comments

…and then there were two. Dobbler v Rob. Lloyd v Gordon. Music Enthusiast v Music Enthusiast.

Hey, I’m not the smartest guy in the world, but I’m certainly not the dumbest. I mean, I’ve read books like “The Unbearable Lightness …