Delta Spirit ACL Taping

December 4, 2012By JobeeJamsJessGeneral, Music No Comments
Delta Spirit © KLRU photo by Scott Newton

Delta Spirit debuted on the ACL stage with an infectious energy that washed over the crowd and made for an unforgettable evening. Front man Matt Vasquez looked as if he almost didn’t …


November 26, 2012By ChrisGeneral 4 Comments

A friend was looking for advice on headphones and asked me (thanks for trusting me). Happy shopping.

I really had no idea how many headphones I had before my friend asked (shhh don’t tell Kate). Also there are many (ok …

Happy Thanksgiving

November 22, 2012By ChrisGeneral 2 Comments

It’s not Thanksgiving without this scene.

Thank you NEXTers. You rock. Enjoy your day. Enjoy your family. Enjoy now. Thank you.

and of course any excuse to play this song.

The Hanna Barbarians Interview

October 3, 2012By JobeeJamsJessGeneral 4 Comments

Straight out of Texas and rocking hard, The Hanna Barbarians mix rockabilly with psychedelics in a way only southern boys could create. I sent a few questions to lead singer Blake Parish about the music and the upcoming album release …