Fire Fest Austin

June 25, 2012By JobeeJamsJessGeneral, Music No Comments

The great thing about living next to the music capitol of the world is that every week live music is playing all around the city. This weekend I will be attending Fire Fest, an all day music festival featuring Austin’s top bands. Tickets are available for $25 so if you are in the area or … Read More

Top Five Hot Songs for The Summer

June 8, 2012By JobeeJamsJessGeneral No Comments

While trying to escape the summer track ‘Call Me Maybe’ I have found refuge in my album collection. Here are a few songs that I have had on repeat since the summer started. Arctic Monkeys ‘R U Mine?’ Transformer ‘Cinema Car’ Motopony ‘I’m Here Now’ OK Sweetheart ‘Home’ Ok ‘Lego’

Duke Spirit Kicks Off North American Tour in Texas

May 3, 2012By JobeeJamsJessGeneral, Music No Comments

Duke Spirit will be kicking off a national tour this Monday in San Antonio Texas with Jane’s Addiction. In addition to touring with Jane’s Addiction the band will be headlining across North America in June. The bands current release ‘Bruiser‘ is now available on iTunes and Amazon and this tour will be a collection of hits including current single … Read More

Chris Bro on Giving: Greyston Foundation

April 22, 2012By ChrisGeneral No Comments

We started a new feature at PCTV. It’s called Chris Bro on Giving. We focus on the good things happening in Westchester. I was (and am) very happy to have as my first guest Steven Brown President and CEO of The Greyston Foundation Part One at PCTV in Pleasantville The first part focuses on what … Read More

Thinking Thoughts

April 16, 2012By ChrisGeneral 2 Comments

Hey everyone. My Tweet (and facebook post) got me thinking about cool things. Perfect things. About life and the little moments. A small list of things I like and hopefully you do too. Please add to this list in the comment section…or don’t. Finding new music years before anyone else Case in point Meiko, Black … Read More

Thinking Thoughts

April 13, 2012By ChrisGeneral No Comments

CHUCK LORRE PRODUCTIONS, #383 For me, the epiphany came in my second season on Roseanne. At thirty-nine years old I finally woke up to the fact that the principles I was taught as a child, like fairness and justice, have no place in the world of power and money. The rules of the sandbox, strictly … Read More

Electric Touch ‘Never Look Back’

March 19, 2012By JobeeJamsJessGeneral, Music No Comments

I recently enjoined my first time at SXSW, and while running into people like Tom Chaplin of Keane on 6th Street is cool I had the pleasure of running into Shane Lawlor lead singer of Electric Touch. Who is Electric Touch you might ask? Only the new buzz band out of Austin with a record deal from … Read More