The Breakdown: Mat Kearney “Hey Mama”

August 19, 2011By ChrisGeneral, Music No Comments

I was thinking about what song I should breakdown next…why not the song with the most votes from last week’s show? (Week 276) And so it is. Press play and follow along. 0:00 Pressed play 0:05 Gotta love the clapping. Totally addictive. Damn. 0:24 smooth voice 0:35 I wonder if the clapping is going to … Read More

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

July 12, 2011By sullyBooks, General No Comments

 It is an obligation of sorts.  This need I have to consume all stories related to coming of age, that is.  I work with adolescents, so it could be considered research.  But going back to “Stand by Me,” I’ll admit to finding pieces of myself in most of these stories.  Whether it is a … Read More

Wilco + Beer = ………?

July 6, 2011By sullyFood, General 4 Comments

  So, there may be some turf issues here, as I’m briefly leaving the sports forum to write a post in the food forum.  But, when you read about a beer on Pitchfork, it just seems that somebody has to review it/comment on it at AllThingsNext.  Because I am a team player, I suffered through … Read More

To Hell with your Lockouts!

June 30, 2011By sullyGeneral, Sports 11 Comments

Surely, I am not the only sports fan that gets a little crazy about lockouts in professional sports.  It is, ultimately, a betrayal of the connection that exists between a loyal (cash spending) fan and a private business that is financially dependent upon that loyal fan cash.  The Patriots exist, in small part, because of … Read More

Jersey War, Part 2

May 16, 2011By sullyGeneral, Sports 5 Comments

Time for another Jersey War. In honor of the next generation of NBA HOF players now taking the center stage, I went with Derrick Rose’s #1. Could I have picked Durant, LeBron, or Wade as inspiration? Sure. But who is to say we won’t see another number featured soon? #1 is an interesting number, shied … Read More

Hip, Hip……….Jorge!

May 15, 2011By sullyGeneral, Sports No Comments

So I let the Sox/Yanks series creep up on me.  I inadvertently avoided all the hype, although that is probably best.  And last night, after a long suburban parent Saturday, I opened a Racer 5 IPA and sat down to watch the vaunted Yankee lineup face a rejuvenated Josh Beckett. But the Yanks were without their DH.  Apparently, … Read More

Lady Gaga In Concert

May 10, 2011By CoachGeneral 1 Comment

No it’s not what you think.  I haven’t actually paid money and went to a Lady Gaga concert.  But I did try and catch some of it on HBO over the weekend.  I’ve always been a supporter of Lady Gaga.  I find her fascinating and she happens to be a great pop artist.  Her music … Read More

Next Holiday Music 2010

December 15, 2010By ChrisGeneral, Music 5 Comments

Happy Holiday Nexters. This year I’ve decided to not have a Holiday show air on Next but when I mentioned that a few listeners asked for a download/stream of what I would play. OK…I’m a giver. I hope you like it. In fact, let me know your favorite new holiday song in the comment section. … Read More


November 5, 2010By CoachGeneral, Musings By Mark No Comments

I forgot to post this last week but I hope this didn’t happen to anyone.  Although Larry’s totally right on this one I hate older kids trick or treating.  The cut off should be 15 for girls 14 for boys.