The Drink Kate Snow and Jane Lynch

July 8, 2017By ChrisGeneral, Musings By Mark No Comments

This is a new series hosted by Kate Snow (my wife). Kate sits down with someone and for the length of a drink chats about “How did you get here?”. Her first guest is the brilliant Jane Lynch (gotta love those Chicago girls). Actress Jane Lynch shares insights on should you set goals, the challenges … Read More

Beastie Boys Live For The Last Time

June 12, 2017By ChrisGeneral, Music, Musings By Mark No Comments

Cancer sucks. It’s Bonnaroo 2009. The Beastie Boys are headlining. No one knew anything was wrong. This will be the last time that The Beastie Boys play together. Adam Yauch (MCA) was soon be diagnosed with cancer. Yauch was an American rapper, musician, film director (Nathaniel Hornblower), and human rights activist. He was best known … Read More

After The After Party

May 2, 2017By ChrisGeneral, Music, Musings By Mark No Comments

You are home after a night out. You are not ready for bed. You need music to keep you company. Something mellow but not too mellow. Interesting lyrics or a phrase that might turn into one of “those” conversations. You know the ones. You’re too drunk. or Too high. And “everything” makes sense. Maybe it’s … Read More

Happy B Day Ms Phair

April 17, 2017By ChrisGeneral No Comments

1967. Liz Phair is born in New Haven, Connecticut. Raised in Winnetka, Illinois. Liz is Chicago. Chicago is Liz. I will never think of volcanoes the same after this song. Always wished some girl thought of me this way… Listen with fresh ears and not with “cool and hip, 90s ears” and it may be … Read More