Whole Roasted Chicken

February 8, 2011By LisaFood No Comments

Wow, it’s been quite awhile!  Truth of the matter is I haven’t cooked or tried anything worthwhile lately so there wasn’t much to write about.  I’m trying to remedy that, not only for new blog ideas but to get my …

Rum Balls

December 10, 2010By LisaFood No Comments

Giving out family secrets here, folks!   Well, not quite.  While this is a recipe handed down to me from my mom, I’m not sure where she originally got it from and I’ve since changed it slightly anyway.  The …

Dessert of the Week – Chocolate Ricotta Pie

November 20, 2010By LisaFood 3 Comments
I saw this recipe on a Thanksgiving-themed Food Network show last weekend and have been dying to give it a try.   A departure from the more traditional pumpkin pie, but I don’t think ANYONE would be complaining if you

Sunday Brunch

November 12, 2010By LisaFood 4 Comments

I am cooking a little something for a friend today.  I wasn’t really sure what to make but decided on this menu.  It’s perfect for a Sunday brunch (yes, I know it’s Friday):  egg white frittata with smoked salmon and …

Cookie of the Week – Pumpkin Pecan

November 10, 2010By LisaFood No Comments

Still on my pumpkin craze!   Toasting the pecans enhances their flavor, which works so well with the pumpkin and spices in this recipe.  For some general baking tips before you get started, check out this post.   …

Cookie of the Week – Chocolate Anise Biscotti

November 5, 2010By LisaFood 2 Comments

Ask, and you shall receive.   This biscotti is as delicious as it is easy to make.  It’s a great recipe if you are baking biscotti for the first time because the dough is very…cooperative!  Some other biscotti doughs …

Dessert of the Week

October 28, 2010By LisaFood 1 Comment
Mini Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin


I made these Mini Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins tonight, for my son’s second grade Halloween party tomorrow.  It’s an easy recipe that doesn’t require a lot of ingredients or a lot of time, though …