Chris Bro – Music

April 17, 2009By ChrisAbout Us

Chris Bro is the Host and curator of NEXT

NEXT: Your place for new music discovery.

Chris has the simple goal of becoming “Grandpa New Music” and every week he gets a few steps closer to that goal.

Chris organizes …

Lisa – Food

April 17, 2009By ChrisAbout Us

Lisa/Cookie Mama is a music loving, book reading, cookie baking soccer mom who is always on the lookout for new recipes to appease her 4 picky-eaters (husband included)! A first generation Italian-American, dispelling the myth that all Italian cooking is …

Dan Cabrera – Movies

April 17, 2009By ChrisAbout Us

Dan Cabrera hails from the wilds of Connecticut where he was raised by a group of feral butlers until he was rescued by anthropologists and sent for study at a small liberal arts school in Massachusetts. After being released, and …

Sully – Sports

April 17, 2009By ChrisAbout Us

A Boston sports fan trapped in NYC, I am nearly convinced that the only three important things in life are baseball, music, and family. I’ve never claimed to be normal, and if I did you would quickly see through the …

Coach – Music

April 17, 2009By ChrisAbout Us

Coach grew up in New York’s backyard and went to an all boys catholic high school in White Plains N.Y. His parents apparently didn’t feel it was necessary for him to develop social skills with the opposite sex. Given his …