Saturday 06 Feb 2016

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Maya Rudolph Covers Prince

You read the headline need I say more? She’s actually performing with The Roots tonight at The Capitol Theater in my home town of Port Chester tonight. I might just have to swing by. Below Maya performs Prince’s “Darling Nikki”. […]

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Live Goodness

This version of live goodness comes to us from the king of angst Trent Reznor. At Woodstock '94 Nine Inch Nails played a blistering set covered in

Music Video Of The Day

Today's video comes to us from our neighbors to the north. I'm talking about Canada for those of you who aren't so geographically inclined. They're a

The Other Song

Time for another edition of The Other Song where we look back fondly at a one hit wonder and say "Hey didn't they have another song?". The

Music Video Of The Day

OK I'm back people.  Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.  Sorry I've been laying low for a couple of weeks but I'm just about back from

Music Video Of The Day

Saw these guys play overt the weekend.  They're from Ohio and they'll be on Letterman tomorrow night.  The band is called Red Wanting Blue and the song is


Coach Weighs In – Joe Paterno

Joe Paterno was a vile human being.  Yes it's true.  As far as sports figures are concerned he's right up there with OJ Simpson in the "scum of

Music Video Of The Day

The Killers have a new album coming out and the new song sounds great.  They don't have a video for it yet so today's video is my favorite

Music Video Of The Day

Today we rock out with Metric.  The song is "Youth Without Youth".  Enjoy and try not to blow off any fingers

Live Goodness

Today's live goodness is Florence + The Machine.  She sounds great and her energy whips the crowd up into a frenzy.  Seems like she'd be a lot of