Week 207 04.14.10

April 14, 2010By ChrisMusic Podcast 4 Comments

Welcome to another week of me trying to find you your next new favorite song. Let me know if that happens. Listen and leave a comment then spread that Next love to other music lovers…I know they are out there. Also don’t forget to vote as the song with the most votes gets an automatic … Read More

RnR Playhouse Part 2

April 13, 2010By ChrisMusic No Comments

Rock and Roll Playhouse is a family friendly rock n roll show. Listen online. Download it and move it into iTunes. Bring your iPod in the car. Enjoy it all. Oh and let me know what you think. —PLACEHOLDER—- mp3 The Playlist New York Dolls – Dance Like a Monkey Scribble Monster – Chocolate Milk … Read More

Week 2006 04.07.10

April 7, 2010By ChrisMusic Podcast 13 Comments

First off let me say that you rock. You have wonderful taste in music and welcome. Thanks for listening and don’t forget to vote. The song with the most votes get an automatic inclusion in the end of the month “Best of” show on 04.28.10. Spread that Next love and let the world know there … Read More

Week 205 03.31.10 The Best of March

March 31, 2010By ChrisMusic Podcast 40 Comments

The best of March or the 14 songs that should be on your iPod right now. The last Wednesday of the month is now the “best of the month” day er night. Songs that get the most votes during their week are automatically qualified for the aforementioned day er night. So congrats to Davis Coen, … Read More

Week 204 03.24.10

March 24, 2010By ChrisMusic Podcast 6 Comments

Thanks for listening. Don’t forget to vote. Top song gets invited back next week for the end of the month “Best of” show. [audio:http://dc145.4shared.com/download/248831194/899442b4/Next_week_204_032410.mp3]download Favorite Song of NEXT week 204answers

Guest DJ: Coach

March 22, 2010By ChrisMusic 7 Comments

Another fine, fine playlist from a NEXT listener. I love my listeners. Such great taste in music. Please listen to Coach’s guest DJ show and leave a comment. I did say please. Enjoy it all. [audio:http://dc123.4shared.com/download/246845161/131b9aee/Guest_DJ_Coach.mp3]download Coach’s Playlist: MuteMath – Spotlight The Airborne Toxic Event – Wishing Well The Duke Spirit – The Step and … Read More

Week 203 03.17.10

March 17, 2010By ChrisMusic Podcast 10 Comments

Well Hello music lovers. Thanks for listening. Hopefully you have found a new favorite song…now vote for it. The song with the most votes is automatically in the “Best of the Month” wrap up show on March 31st. [audio:http://dc185.4shared.com/download/243531426/3c3c7f9c/Next_Week_203_031710.mp3]download ALO – States of Friction The Postmarks – no One Said This would Be Easy Blood … Read More

Guest DJ: Lisa

March 15, 2010By ChrisMusic 19 Comments

It’s guest DJ time. This time with a twist. Next always plays a cover (sometimes two) and Lisa took this a step further. She is planning on coming back and doing a non-covers guest DJ show. So please listen and leave a comment. Thanks for coming by Lisa. Great job. [audio:http://dc124.4shared.com/download/241699515/11d5441b/Guest_DJ_Lisa.mp3]download The Playlist: Turin Brakes- … Read More

Save the Date

March 12, 2010By ChrisConcert Series No Comments

October 9th. I am helping to book bands for a free (yes FREE everyone loves free) outdoor fest in Westchester NY. So put that date in your calendar. It will be free so I’ll need a few sponsors. If you know of any company that might be interested please inform me. Thank you. If you … Read More