Saturday 28 Mar 2015

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Week 465 Our Favorite Songs of March

Welcome to the end of another month of great new music. If you liked something. Let us know. If we didn’t play a favorite of yours from this month please also let us know. We have curious minds. Enjoy. Please […]

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900 Seconds Show 3

Congrats to O'Conqueror. Won by a landslide. Hopefully Chris does better this week. Simple concept. 3 Videos. 2 Hosts. 1 Vote.

Week 464 03_18_15

Welcome to NEXT. We do all the new music homework. All you need to do is listen. And if you like a tune...let us know. Enjoy. Please

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900 Seconds Show 2

Thanks for watching Show 1. I asked for feedback. I got feedback. I hope for more feedback or at least votes for your favorite video.

Week 463 03_11_15

Hello and welcome all new music lovers. We have a simple goal: Find you a new favorite song. We hope you do. If you do

Interview with Jubilee Riots

I sit down with Jubilee Riots and chat. And by "sit down with" I mean at my computer and email them a few questions. And by

900 Seconds (We’re Back)

Trying something new-ish for 900 Seconds. Let me know what you think. That was my first attempt...just to get it done. To see how I can do

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Week 462 03_05_15

Hello and welcome to an hour long new music radio show. I hope you find a new favorite song. If you do...please share it with the

Week 461 Our Favorite Songs of Feb 2015

Hello lovers of new music. Thanks for listening. It's another last Wednesday of the month and that means it's time for our end of the month


Week 460 02_18_15

Hello music lovers. Our goal is simple. Find you a new favorite song. Let us know how we are doing. Oh and if it's