Friday 19 Dec 2014

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best of 2014 maybe

Week 451 Our Favorite Songs of 2014

Hello music lovers This year we have time to play 77 of the 291 songs that made an end of the month wrap up show on NEXT. That’s a lot of great new music. I hope you agree with a […]

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Ring in the New Year with Black Taxi

Upgrade your NYE plans by heading out to Mercury Lounge (info and tickets) and hang out with one of the best live musical acts around; Black Taxi. I have


Teacher/Student: A Gas Station Story

First off, I know this isn't music related. Sorry. Actually, first off, this isn't Mark but I needed to "tag" this something and since it's not

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Week 450 12_10_14

Welcome to our last week of new music. Next week we'll start our end of the year "Favorite Songs of 2014". I just started looking at

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Week 449 12_03_14

Hello music lovers. Ready for another week of great new music? Did you listen last week? Damn, what a great month (year) of new music.

Week 448 Our Favorite Songs of Nov 2014

Welcome to the our last "favorite songs of the month" show. I can't believe I have to start going through all the songs I've played and pick


Week 447 11_19_14

Hello and welcome to NEXT. We have a simple goal: Find you a new favorite song. If we do find a song that makes you smile

son little

Week 446 11_12_14

Hello my friends and lovers of great new music. I'm wishing you a brilliant and glorious day. Our goal here is to find you a next,

bear in heaven

Week 445 11_05_14

Hello again lovers of great new music. I must compliment you on your glorious taste. Thanks for listening to NEXT. If you like a tune


Week 444 Our Favorite Songs of Oct 2014

Hello and welcome to the 10th end of the month review we call "Our favorite songs." Hear all of our Favorite Songs of 2014 (so far). There's a