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Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. ― Confucius

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Good Looks – Vision Boards Texas’ Good Looks are going to be a hard bad to describe, despite not being all that out there musically. Reading their press release, “Vision Boards” is compared to John Mellencamp and their upcoming album is called a “folk record.” And I can see why, I really can. There is a certain middle American working class twang to the song. But, it’s more like if Sonic Youth had formed in Texas and gotten really into The Magnetic Fields, but decided to try to play a more straight up rock sound… kinda? Like I said, “Vision Boards” is hard to describe since it resides somewhere that’s too weird for “normal” music but not out there enough to be art rock or weirdo music. All that said, this is a great song that you’re going to want to listen. A lot.

Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros – Fantastic Joe Strummer 002: The Mescaleros Years highlights this intense period of creativity from 1999-2002, collecting for the first time such extraordinary albums as Rock Art and the X-Ray Style (1999), Global A Go-Go (2001), and the posthumous Streetcore (2003), along with Vibes Compass, a brand-new compilation of 15 B-sides and rarities, including early demos of some of the first tracks Joe wrote for the Mescaleros such as The Road To Rock n Roll, X-Ray Style, Techno D-Days, as well as the previously unreleased Secret Agent Man and the original recordings from Joe’s last ever sessions, including outtakes of Get Down Moses, Coma Girl and the song Fantastic. Fantastic heralds Dark Horse Records upcoming release of Joe Strummer 002: The Mescaleros Years, the first-ever comprehensive collection highlighting Strummer’s work with his post-Clash band, The Mescaleros. Dark Horse Records is celebrating what would have been Joe Strummer’s 70th birthday on Sunday, 21 August with the premiere of Fantastic. The previously unreleased track stands as one of Strummer’s final recordings, with vocals recorded in December 2002 at the famed Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire, Wales, mere weeks after Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros played their last ever live show at Liverpool University on 22 November 2002.


Fazerdaze – Break! Fazerdaze “Break!” is an air-punch purge in musical form. With its 90s-indebted fuzzy guitars and lyrical moments of clarity. The title track pulses along with a lo-fi, unpolished sense of freedom. One of extreme, vital release. Come Apart is a grunge[y] monster, all lashed steel string acoustic and righteous simmering anger. Punchy, acerbic…driving rock song that builds to a chorus that’s hard not to scream along with. On Break she (as Fazerdaze) sheds dreamy origins while embracing a noisier side. A buoyant chorus of fuzzed-out guitars and grunge vocals is book-ended by contemplative lyrics dusted with a hint of disdain. Today, New Zealand singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Amelia Murray, the artist behind Fazerdaze, announces her first project in over five years. Forthcoming EP Break!

Hamish Anderson – Everything Starts Again Anderson continues to do right by the guitar gods who went before him. an ode to finding the positive light in the darkness. The perfect song to get you feeling as refreshed and energised. One of the most enjoyable listens so far this year. And, of course, it rocks! Anderson’s classic rock hummable hooks mingle with warm earnest singing, evolving this electric power-pop gem to an earthy gem.I wrote the song quickly one morning and I was really satisfied with the lyrics, but it took me a while to figure out how I wanted it to sound musically. Originally I had it sounding more like an acoustic folk song, but several months later I was listening to Big Star and it inspired me to give it a bigger more power pop feel. I was influenced by a lot of Badfinger, The Pretenders, and Pete Townsend when I was writing it, so I think that jangly driven sound they all had in common is what made the song come alive. Hamish Anderson

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Jocelyn And Chris – Run Away Joceyln and chris “Run Away” is the second consecutive BDS Top 40 single off siblings Jocelyn & Chris’s 8th record “Favorite Ghosts.” Harvard-bred blues-rockers Jocelyn & Chris share Run Away,” off their upcoming eighth studio album, Favorite Ghosts. Known for their “millennial spin on classic rock”, Jocelyn & Chris’ latest single is an anthemic pop-rock track that channels the all-too-relatable feeling of losing hope – and then finding it again through a fresh perspective and a musical escape. Run Away is a story about desperately, passionately holding onto hope,” says Jocelyn. “Sometimes it can feel impossible to keep hoping – I think that’s a feeling we’ve all experienced, especially recently. I know that there have been many times where I’ve felt that everything around me was suddenly too much, too heavy.” “This song is about taking that fear and turning it into strength,” adds Chris. “Our music has always been our source of power – I hope we can share that power with you. In celebration of “Run Away,” the band is partnering with boutique craft brewery Peacemaker Brewing in Canandaigua, NY to release a special-edition Run Away IPA. Known for their creative partnerships, Jocelyn & Chris had previously partnered with Peacemaker to brew a Sugar and Spice Passion Fruit Milkshake IPA last summer. Run Away IPA will be available in New York and available to order nationally here

Del Water Gap – Perfume S. Holden Jaffe is preparing for the release of his self-titled debut as Del Water Gap. “Perfume” is a track that “recalls the feelings of all-encompassing desire while falling in love on nights out at infamous dive bars,” and follows the previously shared singles “Better Than I Know Myself” and “Hurting Kind”. Perfume is another wondrous showcase of Jaffe’s slightly more polished pop-oriented sound. There is a bit of a Bombay Bicycle Club sound here, with a more soulful touch that Jaffe delivers in earnest fashion. On his self-titled debut album last fall, Del Water Gap – the stage name of S. Holden Jaffe – put forth an impressive modern and miscellaneous collection of love songs. Indie pop rocker continues with good.


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Todd Snider – Big Finish (Live) Duh. Of course. TODD SNIDER’S SIZZLIN’ SET OPENER “BIG FINISH” (NATURALLY) FROM UPCOMING LIVE LP. Todd Snider has released another early look at his upcoming album ‘Live: Return Of The Storyteller’ today, giving listeners a snapshot of how his shows kicked off after returning to the road last year. Fittingly for these topsy-turvy times, Snider was keen to start with “Big Finish” – the humorously self-aware acoustic blues number originally released on 2012’s renowned ‘Agnostic Hymns and Stoner Fables.’ Before the set-opening “Big Finish” kicks off, we hear the exhilarated eruption of the Fall 2021 audience experiencing live music for the first time in a long time, as Snider beams and triumphantly proclaims “it’s good to be back among ya!” Todd Snider says: “I wanted to put out a live album of a one man band show to remind the people who listen to me that I know I am a troubadour and folk singer. I am a glorified busker first and foremost and always. Throughout, Snider uses much of his storytelling in between songs to pay homage to friends gone too soon including John Prine, Jerry Jeff Walker, Neal Casal and Colonel Bruce Hampton – but typical of his live shows, Snider’s stage banter also veers into one-of-a-kind road tales like conversing with haunted ghost children in California, raising hell with the inventor of Crocs in Montana and misadventures in the woods behind Johnny Cash’s house in Tennessee.

The Front Bottoms – Hello World The Front Bottoms have released the Theresa EP. Available today on all streaming platforms, the Theresa EP continues the group’s fan favorite Grandma EP series. The five song collection serves as the third installment of the band’s popular Grandma EP series and features new recordings of never before released fan favorite songs. During 2014, the guys unveiled the Rose EP named in honor of drummer Mat Uychich’s late grandmother who passed the same year. Four years later, the Ann EP followed in 2018 named after guitarist and vocalist Brian Sella’s grandmother. Theresa finds The Front Bottoms continuing the tradition by reheating tracks from their earliest days and properly releasing them for the first time.

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Josh Rouse – Stick Around Josh rouse Stick Around – a song that’s warm, welcoming, unpretentious, and serves as a promising taste of the new LP. American troubadour back in top form. JOSH ROUSE GETS BACK TO BASICS. Would “Exile on Main Street” sound less debauched if it had been recorded somewhere with air conditioning rather than the basement of Keith Richards’ Nellcôte mansion on the Côte d’Azur in France? Who knows? Josh Rouse might have an opinion on this, as for the last two years, he’s been tucked away in Spain, surrounded by his family and a bunch of local musicians. Unsurprisingly, Going Places sounds easy and relaxed and emphasizes gentle, subtle grooves. Rouse’s last album (if we neatly sidestep his 2019 Christmas record, The Holiday Sounds of Josh Rouse) was an interesting diversion for him. Love in the Modern Age saw him dabbling with synths and electronica in a very appealing manner. Maybe he left all the high-tech stuff (and his Cure CDs) back in the states as Going Places is made on classic lines and sounds a lot like a bunch of musicians enjoying playing breezy, ultra-melodic material. He’s found his groove, and it’s warm and comforting and beautifully honed. We need to raise a glass to Mr. Rouse

Tedeschi Trucks Band – Ain’t That Something The rootsy blues-rockers wrap up their summertime romance on a high note. Farewell — the final record in the groundbreaking studio release by Tedeschi Trucks Band, I Am The Moon — concludes a remarkable adventure and new beginning for the group, now in its 12th year as America’s premier rock ’n’ roll big band: Four distinct and, at the same time, deeply connected albums with a total of 24 original songs capturing the power of devotion in a time of crisis and separation, with a renewed energy in collective songwriting and performance. Opening with the lusty confrontation of Last Night In The Rain and ending with the rousing benediction Another Day, Farewell is “a wish of well-being at parting,” as one dictionary defines that word — with more road and love ahead. At more than two hours of music, the four albums that comprise I Am The MoonCrescent, Ascension, The Fall and Farewell — are like a full evening of all-new composition and performance with Tedeschi Trucks Band, the 12-piece touring phenomenon founded in 2010 by its married leaders, guitarist Derek Trucks and singer-guitarist Susan Tedeschi. In its heart and scale, I Am The Moon is also a living, evolving map of the soul: The enduring tale of star-crossed devotion in Layla and Majnun by the 12th-century Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi, brought forward to present day, through universal experience and faith.


Chateau Chateau – Bunny Bunny by chateau chateau. Equal parts melancholy and glitter, Chateau Chateau is an evolving community of musicians from Tuscon, Arizona making cathartic indie pop for weirdos, outcasts, queer folks, and anyone else who needs it. Formed in 2018, the band is led by Bleu and Alex, a DIY-minded duo who transform things that are traditionally ugly, abstract, and leftovers into new shiny and special forms. Although their songs explore dark subjects like mental illness, addiction, and trauma, Chateau Chateau channels their anguish into upbeat, danceable tracks packed with grim humor and messages of resilience. The album really represents my coming-of-age story, as I dedicate each song to a different person, and all of the trauma, addiction, and mental illness that shaped and forced me into my own. On the outside, Bunny is a longing, romantic love song, but listen again, and you’ll catch the reality of it being a cry for help as I relapse again. Bunny is the struggle and annoyance of on again off again flings, whether it’s with a person or a chemical, and convincing yourself you’ve changed, even though you know you haven’t.

Broken Bells – Saturdays A few weeks back, Danger Mouse and the Shins’ James Mercer revealed that they had recorded a new Broken Bells album, their first since 2014’s After The Disco. Though both have kept busy in recent years — Danger Mouse is about to release an album with Black Thought, and Mercer is in the middle of a tour celebrating the 21st anniversary of Oh, Inverted World — they’ve linked back up for Into The Blue, which will be out in October. The pair shared “We’re Not In Orbit Yet…” from it at the end of June, and today they’re back with Into The Blue‘s tracklist and another new song. This one’s called “Saturdays.” Broken Bells do the Beatles. INTO THE BLUE finds Broken Bells drawing influence from The Beatles and Pink Floyd, as well as pulling from genres ranging from ’60s psychedelia and ’70s rock and AM Gold to ’80s new wave and ’90s trip-hop.

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Pony – Peach A year ago, PONY, Toronto resident Sam Bielanski’s great one-woman crunchy alt-pop project, released the debut album TV Baby, and it ruled. Earlier this summer, PONY followed that album with the one-off single “Did It Again,” and that ruled, too. Sam Bielanski also recently joined the voice cast of a new My Little Pony series, and I don’t have too much of a stake in that one, but you have to admire that kind of commitment to wordplay. PONY’s new song “Peach” is a revved-up, extremely catchy alt-rocker that’s driven by some big feelings. Great track. I think “Peach” is probably the most vulnerable song I have ever written. After all, what’s more vulnerable than a peach? Well played. ‘Peach’ is about realizing that someone who wants to have control over you is not someone who loves you.

Black Pistol Fire – Bad Habit Black Pistol Fire returns with the release of their new single, Bad Habit. The track showcases their explosive, impassioned rock n roll style. Originally from Toronto, the two-piece band now live in Austin and is comprised of Kevin McKeown (Vocals and Guitar) and Eric Owen(Drums). Black Pistol Fire states, Lyrically the song was written for anyone who has ever struggled with finding the courage to seek out their own individuality amongst the pressures of conforming to what others may think or want you to be. Their sound is a mix of classic southern rock and garage punk. Black Pistol Fire is a high-octane rock duo based out of Austin, Texas by way of Toronto, Canada; composed of Kevin McKeown on guitar/lead vocals and Eric Owen on drums. Drawing inspiration from blues, R&B and rock greats such as Led Zeppelin, Chuck Berry, Nirvana, Buddy Holly and Muddy Waters, BPF’s gritty and dynamic performances are fueled by undeniable musicianship.

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