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May NEXT find a song that makes your ears smile. Enjoy it all. And may the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house.

Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.”― Sarah Dessen

Let’s try and #BeMoreKind. Let’s – together try to do something good. What do you say. This week (and every week?) –  It’s a simple good deed -> Let’s see what happens. Thank you and Enjoy It All.


Let us begin NEXT week 849.

Rhett Miller – Go Through You. Go Through You, the new single from Rhett Miller’s upcoming album The Misfit. The new 11-song collection was co-written and produced by Miller’s Hudson Valley, NY neighbor Sam Cohen (Kevin Morby, Sharon Van Etten, Danger Mouse) and continues their musical partnership that began on 2018’s The Messenger. Every songwriter has a favorite skin they inhabit, a story they tell over and over again. For decades I’ve been writing from the perspective of a sad sack loser, a broken guy. He isn’t who I am in real life, but for whatever reason when I sit down to write a song I often become him, picking at old wounds, bemoaning my perceived victimization. The funny thing is that he’s, well, funny. I wouldn’t want to be the sad clown in real life, but thanks to songs like Go Through You,  I don’t have to explains Miller. For the production on Go Through You, Sam Cohen created a sonic world adjacent to Jeff Lynne’s work with Traveling Wilburys. I’m in love with the sounds he came up with. It’s all the things hooky, bouncy, bubbly, catchy¦ Try listening to this song without smiling. Good luck. The 11 songs that comprise The Misfit are an elegant blurring of psychedelia, dream pop, and electronic-leaning indie rock, grounded by the vulnerable songwriting and unaffected vocal presence Miller has perfected as the frontman for legendary alt-country band Old 97’s for the last three decades.

Pearl Jam – Retrograde (Live). Pearl Jam is prepping a vinyl “tour edition” of its 2020 album Gigaton augmented with an extra CD featuring live versions of 11 of the 12 songs from the project. The new package will be released July 8 exclusively at independent record stores, although members of Pearl Jam’s Ten Club fan organization will have first crack at ordering the live disc as a standalone item. The tracks were recorded during Pearl Jam’s brief return to live duty in the fall of 2021 at the Sea.Hear.Now festival on the Jersey Shore, and Eddie Vedder’s Ohana festival in California. They are presented in a different order than on Gigaton, with “Superblood Wolfmoon” opening the disc and “Who Ever Said” moving from the first to ninth spot in the running order. The song “Comes Then Goes” is not present, as the band has yet to perform it live for unknown reasons. Much to be done,’ sings Eddie Vedder, hitching the words to a breathtaking melody during the finale of Seven O’Clock. ‘Much to be done,’ he keeps repeating. ‘Much to be done, much to be done.’ The song’s sentiment cuts straight to the heart of Pearl Jam’s first album in over six years. Gigaton captures the Seattleites pinballing between a sense of abject dread and a feeling of combative defiance as they confront our age of melting icecaps and fake news. The times they are a-terrifying, folks. But the songs? The songs are extraordinary.

The National featuring Bon Iver – Weird Goodbyes. The National have been playing a number of new songs live since returning to the road this May, and today, the group releases one of them as a new single through 4AD, Weird Goodbyes, feat. Bon Iver. The single continues the tradition of Justin Vernona’s collaborations with the band in the studio and on stage.It’s about letting go of the past and moving on, then later being overwhelmed by second thoughts,” says The National lead singer Matt Berninger of the song, which also features strings by the London Contemporary Orchestra as orchestrated by The National’s Bryce Dessner. On the process of making the single, Aaron Dessner of The National says, Weird Goodbyes was one of the first new songs we made. I was misusing drum machines, as usual, and stumbled onto this beat that got stuck in my head — it felt like something only Bryan could naturally play. We built the song around the beat. Matt’s melody and words felt so elegant and moving from the beginning — mourning a loss of innocence and motivation, holding onto memories and feelings that inevitably slip away and the grief we all suffer in weird goodbyes. Dessner of The National also explains how Bon Iver came to be featured on the track, “I somehow could hear our friend Justin’s voice and heart in this song from the beginning. We sent it to him and it moved him“ he then sang with Matt so powerfully.

Pixies – Vault Of Heaven. The return of Pixies has been rapturously received, the alt-rock trailblazers reconnecting with long-term fans and introducing themselves to a fresh new audience. Mixing dusky, Morricone-style desert noir atmospherics with a chiming, melodic guitar motif, Vault of Heaven also takes a leftfield turn as flourishes of female backing vocals provide an almost hymnal touch. Black Francis’s lyrics combine elements that are both abstract and everyday in a surrealist narrative, in which the protagonist aims for salvation but only ends up falling flat on his face. And who doesn’t love a good 7-11 story?

Illiterate Light – Light Me Up. Illiterate Light and its very specific sound as a band: Massive. Illiterate Light singer-guitarist Jeff Gorman and drummer Jake Cochran have been playing music together since they met at James Madison University in 2010. But it wasn’t until a 2015 show at the now-shuttered Sehkraft Brewing in Arlington that the vision for Illiterate Light came into view. Gorman, 30, and Cochran, 29, had played in a couple of bands at JMU and worked on a farm near Harrisonburg after graduation. In 2015, they formed Illiterate Light as a trio. Then their bass player quit six months in.  Illiterate Light still had a few shows booked, so Gorman and Cochran played as a duo, a la the Black Keys or the White Stripes. For the Sehkraft gig that November, both decided to test something new: Gorman piloted what he calls “foot bass” — playing bass parts on a synth with his feet — while Cochran tried drumming in an unusual way: by standing up. They’ve now fine-tuned the unorthodox approaches that are integral to the dynamic and psychedelic indie-rock sound of October’s self-titled debut album, which recalls My Morning Jacket, Dr. Dog and Wilco (the band’s name comes from a lyric in Wilco’s “Theologians”).

Billy Idol – Cage. A little more coming at you, a little more rock ‘n’ roll and a little more fuck you! than Billy Idol’s previous EP. This EP is a lot more coming at you. Loads more guitar. And that’s a lot of fun. This Billy Idol EP is filled with gritty, resilient and empowering anthems from the English rock icon, produced by Butch Walker. The inspiration for ‘Cage.’ Getting out there and doing the things we’ve been missing. And that includes not being afraid to do a raucous punk rock song like ‘Cage.’ Billy Idol will also be the subject of a new documentary film

Sloan – Scratch The Surface. Canadian power-pop greats Sloan announced their new album Steady. At the same time, they released lead single “Spend The Day.” Today they’re back with single #2. The alternately crunchy and jangly “Scratch The Surface” would sound great on FM rock radio at the height of Cheap Trick, all the way down to the guitar solo that comes ripping out of nowhere just before the two-minute mark. Canadian indie-rock royalty Sloan share a brand-new song, “Scratch the Surface,” the latest release from their upcoming studio album Steady. “Scratch the Surface” and it’s accompanying music video which follows each of the band members through different parts of downtown Toronto. The release of Steady will coincide with the 30th anniversary of their debut record Smeared, which came out in October 1992. Sloan are one of the rare bands to make it to their 13th album with all four original members who are equally prolific songwriters and all still working at the top of their respective games, sounding utterly ageless in the process. This Sloan album title is reflective of Sloan’s impressive 30-year feat. They say if you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far go together.

The Struts – Fallin’ With Me. When you know, you know! And The Struts knew they had something special with the new song “Fallin’ With Me,” so this fresh new earworm is here to occupy space in your brain while keeping your toes tapping. This new The Struts track was inspired by nights out on Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip, even including a mention of the popular hang out the Rainbow Bar and Grill. This The Struts song is their first since the 2020 Strange Days album and their 2021 non-album single “Low Key in Love” that featured a guest vocal by Paris Jackson. The Struts have returned with a dance-tastic, swaggering new single, Fallin’ With Me.

Meiko – Life Hack. Power pop-ish Lite? Americana chased with soft rock? I can tell you is what emanates from her tracks sounds very familiar. Yet it has an organic quirkiness and electro-melodic kick fused with an elusive folksy vibe that separates it from other singer-songwriters. That’s the best I can do. I suppose her music is ineffable. When somebody asks what kind of music Meiko play’s – she just say ‘Indie Folk Rock’… It’s kind of vague, but that usually does the trick. Meiko’s answer to the tired and obligatory question. Meiko’s been a fan of all types of music ranging from Aphex Twin to Maná to the Allman Brothers, so Meiko thinks those years and years of listening to way different artists has done something to her own style. Even if it’s little nuances, Meiko knows they’re there and hopefully that sets her apart. Meiko is an American indie singer/songwriter, born and raised in Roberta, Georgia and currently residing in Germany.

Duncan Sheik – There’s No Telling. Duncan Sheik shares the autobiographical new single “There’s No Telling” from his forthcoming album Claptrap. This new Duncan Sheik cut serves as a confession expelling the trappings of fame from a ‘sad and lonely man.’ Duncan said, “There’s No Telling is a song about a version of myself being on the hedonistic treadmill and then needing to jump off of it. And having the first inkling of the idea that another version of myself might find a more reliable kind of happiness that wasn’t based on pleasure and circumstance but based on pure conscious awareness. Sheik practices Buddism. And this new Duncan Sheik song is as In Buddhism – you might say this is a process of revealing the Buddha-nature inside oneself. Importantly, this is a Buddha-nature that all sentient beings possess and have access to – if we don’t get too distracted by the nonsense of our ego and our attachments! These songs were quite literally therapy, salvation. Duncan Sheik releases his newest album Claptrap via AntiFragile Music. The project is his long awaited return to pop songcraft.

Swerve – Ebbs And Flows (Laurel Canyon Series). Swerve from LA  — Classic Brit Rock meets Punk Pop. There are hints of Radiohead and Teenage Fanclub lurking in the wings. But Swerve are more than a collage of influences, landing on something that is unique to this time and this band.” Swerve’s music is inspired by different eras with cues from punk, psychedelia, Britpop and indie, with expansive choruses, & edgy musical hooks.

Built To Spill – Fool’s Gold. First Album Since 2015. Built to Spill  will release their 8th full-length album, When The Wind Forgets Your Name. The launch marks the first album of original Built to Spill material since 2015’s Untethered Moon.  (The band did release an album of covers in 2020: Built To Spill Plays The Songs Of Daniel Johnston.) Martsch started Built to Spill in 1992 and is the only permanent member – employing an ever-evolving line-up throughout the band’s career.   For the uninitiated, the BtS sound is favorably comparable to other guitar-driven indie bands of the 1990s like Pavement, Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh, Guided By Voices, with even a few hints of R.E.M. When The Wind Forgets Your Name maintains many of the band’s signature sounds – swirling psychedelic guitar textures woven into melodic power-pop, blues, grunge and jam music. Built To Spill announce first new album in seven years – When The Wind Forgets Your Name

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Tippa My Tongue. RHCP’s Tippa My Tongue –  It heralds the arrival of the band’s second album of 2022 and thirteenth full-length offering, Return of the Dream Canteen. Return of the Dream Canteen will land just six months after the platinum-selling chart topper Unlimited Love. The latter stands out as the biggest rock album of the year. Once again, they joined forces with longtime producer and creative confidant Rick Rubin for this sprawling LP. Red Hot Chili Peppers Go on a Psychedelic Journey in ‘Tippa My Tongue’. Song is the first look at the funk-rock powerhouse’s upcoming album, Return of the Dream Canteen. The tune opens with a propulsive drum and bass part, before frontman Anthony Kiedis kicks in with a series of ya-ya-ya-yas to get the song officially started. As “Tippa My Tongue” settles in, it quickly becomes clear that all the classic Chili Peppers traits are here: Kiedis’ rap-rock delivery, Flea’s funky bass line, John Frusciante’s dynamic guitar sound and Chad Smith’s emphatic backbeat.

Sharon Van Etten – Mistakes. Sharon Van Etten has always ben the kind of artist who helps people make sense of the work around them – and her sixth album, We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong, concerns itself with how we feel, mourn, and reclaim our agency when we think the world – or at least, our world – might be falling apart. How do we protect the things most precious to us from destructive forces beyond our control? How do we salvage something worthwhile when it seems all is lost? And if we can’t, or we don’t, have we loved as well as we could in the meantime? Did we try hard enough? In considering these questions and her own vulnerability in the face of them, Van Etten creates a stunning meditation on how life’s changes can be both terrifying and transformative. We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong articulates the beauty and power that can be rescued from our wreckages. We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong is as much a reflection on how we manage the ending of metaphorical worlds as we do the ending of actual ones: the twin flames of terror and unrelenting love that light up with motherhood; navigating the demands of partnership when your responsibilities have changed; the loss of center and safety that can come with leaving home; how the ghosts of our past can appear without warning in our present; feeling helpless with the violence and racism in the world; and yes, what it means when a global viral outbreak forces us to relinquish control of the things that have always made us feel so human, and seek new forms of connection to replace them.

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