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My personal hobbies are reading, listening to music, and silence. ― Edith Sitwell

Let’s try and #BeMoreKind. Let’s – together try to do something good. What do you say. This week (and every week?) –  It’s a simple good deed -> Let’s see what happens. Thank you and Enjoy It All.


Let us begin NEXT week 848. Dawes. Acclaimed Los Angeles-based Americana rockers Dawes have shared a new single, “Comes In Waves.” The new single marks the latest from Dawes, who is set to release their eighth studio album, Misadventures of Doomscroller. Says Dawes frontman Taylor Goldsmith, “I had this riff and one of the verses for a while. [Band mates] Griffin, Wylie and Mike Viola came over to my backyard—this was peak Covid—to just play music together for one of the first times since lockdown. I started sharing the song and Griffin and Mike started singing their background parts you hear on the choruses on the record immediately. It inspired me to finish writing it. Continued the frontman, “We’ve always prided ourselves on being minimalists. With this record we set out on being MAXIMALISTS. Still a quartet. Still not letting these songs hide behind any tricks or effects. But really letting the songs breathe and stretch and live however they want to. We decided to stop having any regard for short attention spans. Our ambitions go beyond the musical with this one.

girlpuppy – Wish On. Her new single, girlpuppy (Becca Harvey) addresses the most excruciating breakups out there: those that occur between friends. The Atlanta-based singer/songwriter channels the pain of going from inseparable best friends to total strangers on “Wish.” The song is the first release from her forthcoming debut album, When I’m Alone. Her first venture into shoegaze, girlpuppy swaths her floaty vocals in gauze-like layers of fuzzy guitars and tinkering bells. “Wish” embodies the blur of love, anger, hurt and confusion that comes with someone leaving your life and never giving you a reason why. Still holding out hope for reconciliation. An emotionally raw introduction to her new era, “Wish” sees Harvey shines in her most vulnerable state. “On ‘Wish’ girlpuppy was thinking about when friends leave your life and you’re not entirely sure why. The emotions in the song go from anger to sadness to nostalgia and all the other emotions that you feel when you go through a ‘friend breakup.’ I imagined it being really cathartic to play it live.

Ghost – Spillways. Swedish occult rockers GHOST have released an irresistible earworm. GHOST mastermind Tobias Forge told Metal Hammer magazine about “Spillways”: “This is an elegy for the darkness that most people have inside. When you have a dam, spillways are the run-offs so the dam won’t overflow. That darkness inside us needs to find its way out. “Spillways” is taken from GHOST’s fifth album, “Impera”. Ghost mainman Tobias Forge clearly recognises the pop-metal genius of megahits such as Pour Some Sugar On Me and Animal. “I think they were great. “Going into this record, I thought I would see if I could do it a little more like Def Leppard did it.” it’s way more Toto than death metal or any of that stuff. It’s like the song Spillways. It starts off like Hold The Line by Toto or Jane by Jefferson Starship – one of those classic 70s songs that begin on the piano before these big, chunky chords come in.

Sloan – Spend the Day Canadian power-pop greats Sloan announced their new album Steady. Canadian indie-rock standbys Sloan very recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of their debut album, Smeared, and now they’ve announced their 13th album, Steady. “They say if you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far go together,” bassist Chris Murphy says of the band’s longevity. “I don’t know if there are many other bands you can name that are still making records with their original line up 30 years in. Look it up!” another one from Patrick Pentland in his signature big riff style

US Girls – So Typically. Now U.S. Girls is the nom de plume of North American multi-disciplinary and experimental pop artist Meg Remy has shared a brand new song So Typically Now. A sleek widescreen synth anthem that punctures the real estate bubble, So Typically Now features powerhouse backing vocalist Kyle Kidd and is the first taste of new U.S. Girls music since the release of Christmas song Santa Stay Home and the Polaris Prize-shortlisted album Heavy Light. The new single follows Remy’s authorial debut with the release of last year’s memoir, Begin By Telling. Originally from Illinois, Meg Remy is established as one of the most acclaimed songwriters and performers to emerge from Toronto’s eclectic underground music scene where she currently lives. As the creative force behind the musical entity U.S. Girls, her celebrated discography spans 15 years from early experimental works

Dry Cleaning – Anna Calls From The Arctic. Dry Cleaning’s ‘Anna Calls From The Arctic’ Is About A Disrupted Phone Call. Dry Cleaning’s excellent 2021 album ‘New Long Leg combined post-punk leanings with a lyrical wit as dry as the Sahara desert. A superb live act. New song ‘Anna Calls From The Arctic’ pulls once more from Florence Shaw’s superb trick of filtering surreal snippets of conversation into her lyrics, drawing on a feeling of disconnect and disassociation. The surreal word-rivulets peer out of the stereo, joined by breathy saxophone, icy synths, and that rock solid beat. The song developed from a keyboard, bass and clarinet jam. I’ll never not be disturbed by that cover

Marcus Mumford – Grace Marcus. Mumford Drops Cathartic New Single “Grace” off the Mumford & Sons frontman’s upcoming debut solo album, the rather cleverly titled (self-titled). Mumford is a founding member of Mumford & Sons, which has topped the Billboard 200 with three of its four studio albums. The band has won numerous awards, including GRAMMY®s for Album of the Year and Best Long Form Music Video, two BRITs and an Ivor Novello award. Mumford is assembling quite the team to help bring (self-titled) to life, including dueting with a few of the biggest folk-adjacent singers in modern popular music like Phoebe Bridgers, Brandi Carlile, and Clairo. For ‘Grace’, Mumford has an equally crack team, with vocalist Danielle Ponder, legendary session bassist Pino Paladino and producer Blake Mills all contributing to the track.

Matt Costa – Holy Mountain. Costa’s new album Donde Los Terremotos is a collection of music from and inspired by the film of the same name, co-directed by Costa. The project originated on a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, at the invitation of action sportswear company Roark, to explore the region’s culture and landscape with skateboard icon Jamie Thomas. Donde Los Terremotos captures the traveling group immersing themselves in the uniquely spiritual surroundings through a variety of disciplines: surfing, skateboarding, climbing, running, songwriting.

Lime Cordiale – Country Club. Free membership for all, “Country Club” offers a variety of irresistible hooks, jaunty keys, whip-smart lyrics and an unequivocally good time. “I just love how ridiculous this song is. It’s full of contradictions. Their infectious performances and genuine, generous interactions with their fans has made them one of Australia’s most in demand acts, playing to wildly enthusiastic crowds across Australia and overseas. Lime Cordiale take down privilege on infectious new single, ‘Country Club’. Lime Cordiale have shared their exuberant new single ‘Country Club’.

Strung Like A Horse – You Can’t Change Me What started as a string band quickly evolved into Chattanooga’s fan-favorite touring group, Strung Like A Horse. Their signature brand of Americana is distilled from old-school storytelling, newgrass instrumentations, and alt-rock edge. Strung Like a Horse was the inspired name after the group came together to form a string jam band. Consequently, this genre regularly used bows stretched with horsehairs to play their instruments. Resulting in, the inspired band name. Chattanooga, TN quartet Strung Like A Horse’s claim to fame is delivering Americana music with grit and grandeur. If you’re unsure of what that means, the fact that their folk influences bring lap steel guitars, mandolins, and tambourines it’s bluesy soul — as defined by a stirring electric lead guitar — that also defines the act. With a spectrum from Americana to indie rock, to bluegrass, to alternative and post-punk. the band has become well known for their genre-bending songs. “You Can’t Change Me” is no exception. Strung Like a Horse’s signature sound is distilled from old-school storytelling, roots instrumentations, and an alt-rock edge. Mississippi-bred, Chattanooga-based frontman Clayton Maselle brings the influences of his heroes John Hartford, Split Lip Rayfield, Danny Barnes, The Band, Violent Femmes, and Old Crow Medicine Show to his singular songs. The band’s authenticity, high energy, and great fondness for a good time have made their live shows a cult favorite.

Sammy Hager AndThe Circle – Crazy Times. The Red Rocker, who’s about to turn 75. The Circle, which includes Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, drummer Jason Bonham, and guitarist Vic Johnson, has been Hagar’s primary touring band since 2015. Their debut LP Space Between arrived in 2019. Crazy Times marks their first collaboration with Cobb (Chris Stapleton) and features nine new songs and a cover of the 1978 Elvis Costello classic “Pump It Up.” Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame-inducted Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, performer, entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author Sammy Hagar has announced the release of his second studio album with his Billboard chart-topping supergroup THE CIRCLE. The LP, titled “Crazy Times”, finds Hagar, fellow Hall Of Famer and VAN HALEN bassist Michael Anthony, Grammy-winning drummer Jason Bonham and Grammy-winning guitar virtuoso Vic Johnson changing course, traveling to Nashville to record the album with eight-time Grammy Award-winning producer Dave Cobb at Nashville’s historic RCA Studio A.

Julian Lennon – Lucky Ones. Julian Lennon Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, Julian Lennon has released his new single Lucky Ones today from his upcoming album JUDE. The up-tempo track captures Lennon’s ability to inspire hope and unity with an anthemic hook that reminds us that we are the Lucky Ones as his passion for climate action comes through with lyrics calling for a revolution. Lennon, of course, is the son of legendary songwriter and former Beatle, John Lennon. And his upcoming album is named after the Paul McCartney-penned song, “Hey Jude,” which is a love letter to Julian, who was also known as “Jules.”

Ringo Starr – World Go Round. The upbeat rocker World Go Round written by Steve Lukather and Joseph Williams, continues to spread Ringo’s positive message of hope and togetherness. The track features Ringo on vocals, drums, and percussion, Steve Lukather on guitar, Joseph Williams on keyboards, with background vocals provided by Joseph Willams, Billy Valentine, Zelma Davis and Maiya Sykes. Written by Linda Perry, Everyone and Everything captures the classic Ringo Starr sound and features Ringo on vocals, drums and percussion along with Linda Perry on guitar and percussion. Billy Mohler lays down bass and guitar, Damon Fox provides melotron, piano and wurly, with all background vocals by Linda Perry, Billy Valentine, Zelma Davis and Maiya Sykes. Featuring an infectious dance groove, Let’s Be Friends was written by Ringo’s longtime engineer Bruce Sugar along with Sam Hollander, with Ringo Starr handling vocal and drum duties, Nathan East on bass, Steve Lukather playing guitar, Bruce Sugar on keyboards, percussion and horn arrangement, handclaps and percussion by Sam Hollander, and Billy Valentine, Zelma Davis and Maiya Sykes on background vocals.

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