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Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.— Maya Angelou

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Let us begin NEXT week 836 with The Clarks. How did The Clarks become The Clarks. It’s a long story. There are several answers that have been known to surface when asked that particular question. Mood, situation, amount of time available to explain, etc..all determine the outcome. The quickest, and most interview-friendly explanation is this, “We’re big fans of Lewis and Clark.” But that doesn’t quite cover it. Let’s get to the music. The Clarks play good, old-fashioned American rock-n-roll. The Clarks have played it for many years now with the same line up. The Clarks are an American rock band from the Pittsburgh region, originating at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Over the course of thirty-plus years, The Clarks have produced eleven studio albums, two live albums, 2 compilation albums, an EP, and four solo releases. The Clarks are an American rock band that have somehow managed to stay together for 20+ years, support themselves through their music, and remain relative unknowns.

Why record cover this song? This is one of the saddest songs ever written. Years ago the guys in Midland and AwolNation were couch surfing in LA together. We were all completely broke and damaged goods in our creative pursuits. It seemed fitting to finish the album with this song back together. A song about ending up alone … naturally. AWOLNATION just released their new overs and collaborations album, “My Echo, My Shadow, My Covers and Me”. The inspiration for the album’s title – My Echo, My Shadow, My Covers and Me – came from early on in the pandemic when everyone was quarantined and Bruno of AwolNation was unable to collaborate with other musicians as he might have normally done. It felt appropriate because at the time, none of us saw anyone

Birdtalker’s Taking Control is one of 12 songs on Birdtalker’s forthcoming sophomore album. A radiant and refreshing folk rock outpouring brimming with heart, passion, and purpose. Birdtalker’s self-titled sophomore record is as beautiful as it is irresistibly evocative: An invitation to bask in life’s highs and dwell in its lows, all while embracing our truest selves. Buoyant and rich, energizing and cathartic, Birdtalker washes over the ears and the soul like a ray of soulful, intimate light. Birdtalker’s music makes its home in-between the folk and rock worlds

Sheryl Crow’s career has been a winding road, from her early days as a back up singer on Michael Jackson’s “Bad” tour and Don Henley’s early solo efforts to her own chart-topping career and even a much-scrutinized relationship with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong.  Anchored to both contemporary interviews and archival footage, “Sheryl” promises a look back at how the talented singer-songwriter navigated those often rough waters, which includes her hard-fought musical career battling sexism, depression, perfectionism, cancer, and the price of fame. Rocker Sheryl Crow will release a new companion album to the documentary on her life and career, Sheryl. The album, Sheryl: Music From The Feature Documentary. The documentary had its world premiere at SXSW earlier this year. The documentary as “an intimate story of song and sacrifice” which explores Crow’s hard-fought musical career battling sexism, depression, perfectionism, cancer, and the price of fame.

The Rolling Stones’ Live At The El Mocambo recordings carry plenty of cachet on their own terms as well as in the context of the iconic British band’s history. On the latter front, the previously-unreleased 1977 recordings in Toronto mark the first full depiction of guitarist/vocalist Ronnie Wood’s contributions after he joined the group in 1975: he was only on five tracks of the 1976 studio album Black and Blue.

The Rolling Stones have unearthed material from the vaults once again for Live at the El Mocambo, a collection of recordings from a March 1977 performance at a tiny, 300-capacity Toronto club of the same name. The gigs became reality after the El Mocambo was identified as the potential home for a secret booking. A radio contest was organized in which the prize was tickets to see Canadian rock heroes April Wine, supported by an unknown band called the Cockroaches. Guess who they turned out to be…On the nights, naturally, April Wine were themselves the opening act, and so it was that the Stones rolled back the years to the exhilarating club incarnation of their early years. Against all the odds, the band produced two nights of exhilarating music that they still talk about in Toronto, and in Rolling Stones legend, to this day.

There is an almost offhand and casual beauty to the songs on Sadurn’s Radiator—a collection of tunes that fall between folk and emo in style with some gorgeous guitar and vocals recorded to sound as if you’re sitting in a cabin with the band, listening to them put the tracks to tape, as you can hear their fingers scraping as they strum the nylon string guitars and the glass slide drag across the strings in such a vivid way. That connection and intimacy between the band is certainly reflected on the record, which never loses its warm, comforting feel throughout, even as the lyrics aren’t quite as cozy and comfortable as the folky sound that touches on familiar ideas while still feeling original and unique to the band. Philadelphia indie folk band Sadurn dive into their achingly tender and raw debut album ‘Radiator,’ a record of intense, unadulterated intimacy, unfiltered depth, and heart-on-sleeve passion.

The Afghan Whigs announced their first studio album in five years: It’s called How Do You Burn? The Afghan Whigs revealed that two tracks on the album feature backing vocals from the late Mark Lanegan. “It was Mark who named the album,” frontman Greg Dulli revealed. Back in February, the Afghan Whigs returned with their first new song in five years, “I’ll Make You See God.” Turns out that was a preview of the first Afghan Whigs album since 2017’s beloved In Spades. It’s called How Do You Burn? and it’s out in September. A lot of recurring Afghan Whigs friends were involved in the new album. Greg Dulli’s frequent collaborator Mark Lanegan sang on two tracks, and provided the name How Do You Burn?

Steve Earle Releases Tribute Cover Of The Jerry Jeff Walker Classic, “Mr. Bojangles” Steve Earle shares his soulful rendition of Jerry Jeff Walker’s classic tune “Mr. Bojangles.” On JERRY JEFF – Earle’s 10-track collection set – he pays tribute to Walker, the influential cowboy troubadour who passed away on October 23, 2020. After performing in Texas at a concert celebrating Walker’s life, Earle took his band, The Dukes, to Electric Lady Studios in New York, where they recorded 10 of Walker’s songs. “There was a time in my life when I wanted to be Jerry Jeff Walker more than anything else in this world,” Earle writes in the liner notes.

On their new album The Future, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats expand their musical territory without abandoning their soulful rock. Hearing Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats live is to experience a rollicking party with a sound equally at home in random juke joints or brass parades on Bourbon Street. This aesthetic is turbo-charged by Rateliff’s Joe Cocker-like ability to emote songs with a vocal register that oozes intensity without transgressing the boundary into screaming. The loose electricity of the Night Sweats hints that the wheels could come off at any time, but everything will be alright as long as the music keeps playing and the drinks keep flowing. The Future is a testament to the power and musical evolution of Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats. It is an album of and to our times that looks straight into our moment and, to paraphrase a Bruce Cockburn lyric, “kicks at the darkness ’til it bleeds daylight”. 

Toro y Moi surfaced as part of the slo-mo synth-pop movement lumped together as chillwave. Wordless opener “The Medium” has a pleasantly baggy glam-rock stomp, smoothed out by Bear’s psych-soul keys, but it really takes off thanks to a gnarly lead guitar part by Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Ruban Nielson.

Kentucky rock & roller S.G. Goodman has released a new power-pop song “All My Love Is Coming Back To Me.” The SG Goodman album is called Teeth Marks. This SG Goodman track pulses with downtown rock energy, featuring an uncharacteristically upbeat mantra of open-armed positivity around the subject of love. Mining garage rock, Appalachian folk, and post-punk influence into a sonic patchwork of southern indie rock. “All My Love Is Coming Back To Me” pulses with punk influence with a positive spin. Usually mining heartbreak, trauma, and political strife for her razor-sharp observations, SG Goodman turns towards the sun on this track

The high energy garage rocking ‘Forever and a Day‘ song draws on the practice of “cuffing” – that is the practice of singles searching out short-term partners to pass the colder months of the year.  Yeah, us neither – and also surely romantic as heck.  This The Jaws of Brooklyn song says – maybe hold-out for something better – in fact – something of a more long lasting persuasion: “I stand and I wait forever and a day” sings Lindsay Love as a declaration that there is time to make a more carefully considered decision.  Wise words indeed. Seattle garage rock/soul band The Jaws of Brooklyn: ‘Forever and a Day’. This The Jaws of Brooklyn song is full of hopeful anticipation and perfectly captures the excitement of finding the right partner. Think soulful pop elements inspired from the 60s mixed with garage rock.

Trombone Shorty Releases New Album ‘Lifted’. Shorty recently won his first GRAMMY. Trombone Shorty has released Lifted, his first album of original music in five years. Recorded at his own Buckjump Studio. Shorty and his bandmates crash through funk, soul and psychedelic rock with transcendent performances, set to bold songwriting that explores grit and determination in hard times. The album features special guests Gary Clark Jr. and Lauren Daigle as well as the New Breed Brass Band

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