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“Music is … A higher revelation than all Wisdom & Philosophy” ― Ludwig van Beethoven

Let us begin NEXT week 790 with Gangs Of Youths. Gang Of Youths released their landmark second album, ‘Go Farther In Lightness’, in August of 2017. Carried by five singles, including the double-Platinum ‘Let Me Down Easy’, the record debuted at No. 1 on the ARIA Albums Chart upon release, and was honoured with a Platinum certification in June of 2020. Gangs of Youths also released a live album, recorded during their appearance on MTV Unplugged, in October of 2018. In the early months of 2020, Gang Of Youths led a campaign raising funds to support victims of Australian bushfires. In addition to a merchandise drive, all proceeds from which were donated to the Rural Fire Service, the band headlined Melbourne’s Down To Earth benefit concert. “it’s about the night i met my wife, finding a new life in a new city together and my desire to be good to her as time goes on” – Dave  Le’aupepe about Gang of Youths latest song on NEXT. 

Slothrust are ringing in the summer with the grungy new single “Once More for the Ocean.” It’s the latest preview of the Los Angeles indie rockers’ upcoming fifth album, Parallel Timeline. You want a killer guitar riff? Done and done. Slothrust bandleader Leah Wellbaum: “Once More for the Ocean” seemingly came straight from Leah’s soul. “I have a unique relationship with this song because it felt like it came through me more than from me, though I recognize that really there is no difference. It is not the easiest song to sing or explain. At times I even wondered if it might be suited for a different artist. However after sitting with it for a while I have come to the conclusion that this song was meant for me and it is about the search for a greater consciousness in times of chaos. For me that feeling of oneness often shows up when I am spending time in nature.”

NEXT? Layering dueling emotive guitars over an upbeat drum pattern, Yves Tumor creates a textured, spiraling sound that pulls the listener into the astral plane. Sean Bowie, best known by the recording alias Yves Tumor, is an American musician and producer of experimental music, born in Miami, Florida and currently based in Turin, Italy.

St.Paul, Minnesota-based indie-rock outfit, Hippo Campus, surprises fans with a cathartic new song, “Bad Dream Baby”. It’s Hippo Campus’ way to announce their third EP Good Dog, Bad Dream. The confessional track sets the tone for what Hippo Campus feels is their most vulnerable songwriting to-date. “The lyrics are a stream of consciousness, darting between my complex relationship with my father, a Britney Spears documentary, and some older men at Grumpy’s (my favorite bar in Minneapolis) who used to hit on me,” says singer Jake Luppen of Hippo Campus: “The hook references my exit from the Mormon religion when I was 15 and the isolation felt during quarantine and the death of the dog my mom got me during my parents’ intense divorce.” 

There is a limited release of David Bowie live in Detroit for Record Store Day. You can get it as a double LP and double CD. It was recorded on the second half of the Diamond Dogs Tour in 1974, which is known as “the Soul Tour” due to the influence of the then-unreleased material Bowie had begun recording for Young Americans (1975). I’m Only Dancing marks the first time performances from this portion of the tour have been officially released.

I miss live music so much I’m going to double dip the live David Bowie. Anyone mind? Anyone notice? #LiveMusicIsGoodForYourSoul

Los Angeles based rock band The Record Company recently announced a new EP they are calling Side Project. The project will include covers of some of the band’s favorite influences. The Record Company raves “INXS kicks ass and their album KICK is one of the greatest ever made! We are stoked to share our spin on a song we love so much.” The track hails from the band’s forthcoming EP, Side Project, which finds them reimagining the songs some of their favorite, most influential artists. “Side Project is what happens when three guys who have always been in bands finish their record, are locked away from each other, and are told they need to make more ‘content’ So, we took songs we love, fed them up, cut them up and twisted them around, until we loved it and felt like a band again.”

“Running on Fumes” is pretty much about being thankful for the people who pick you up when you’re feeling down, and acknowledging the strain that can put on them when you’re in that place. Jake Whiskin remembers going into the studio feeling like that. Jake Whiskin has returned with his latest effort Running On Fumes. Something I’m sure we’ve all experienced from time to time as we get burnt out from life. This Jake Whiskin songs was written from the perspective of being thankful for the people who are there to pick you up and dust you down. Speaking about ‘Running On Fumes’, Jake Whiskin said: “‘Running on Fumes'” is pretty much about being thankful for the people who pick you up when you’re feeling down, and acknowledging the strain that can put on them when you’re in that place. I remember going into the studio feeling like that, but it was such an immersive session that it took me out of it. It’s probably the most urgent and direct track on the EP.”

Milky Chance give us a poignant song about a messy breakup – and getting high. Adding a tasteful hint of electropop to the German duo’s formula of summery, groove-oriented indie-rock, ‘Colorado’ is a bonafide stoner’s anthem, with singer Clemens Rehbein declaring over a jangly lead guitar line: “I get high like Colorado”. Beneath the hazy, pseudo-reggae veneer, though, it’s also a poignant song about a messy breakup. So take from it what you want.

How Modernlove decide to solidify from here will be fascinating to see. Do they embrace some of the harder edges of rock and roll by unleashing the full power of their guitar prowess, or do they embrace their techno-pop melodies and become the next 1975? Only they can decide, but it will be exciting to find out. Irish indie rockers ModernLove will be fun to watch. I’ll be hoping for more guitar. I’m always for more guitar.

Vector illustration of watercolor painting.

Right now is a great time to be Michelle Zauner. She’s fresh off the release of her latest Japanese Breakfast album, Jubilee. Michelle Zauner (Japanese Breakfast) also just dropped her memoir Crying In H Mart, which debuted at No. 2 on the New York Times bestseller list. The book is set to get a movie adaptation, for which Japanese Breakfast will provide the soundtrack. Michelle Zauner (Japanese Breakfast) was one of the musical performers at Summer Game Fest, a new but already-premiere virtual event that showed off the best of what’s on the horizon in the video game world. This is far from Zauner’s first foray into video games, of course. She supported her 2017 album Soft Sounds From Another Planet with Japanese BreakQuest, a game that she co-developed. Michelle Zauner’s also behind the soundtrack of the anticipated new game Sable. So basically, Zauner (Japanese Breakfast) has more hyphens than just about anybody.

This LP marks the AC/DC’s first new material in six years. And the lineup of Brian Johnson (vocals), Angus Young (guitar), Phil Rudd (drums) and Cliff Williams (bass) reunited for the release. Rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young (who died in 2017) was replaced by his nephew Stevie Young for the album. Still, Malcolm’s fingerprints were all over Power Up. Johnson of AC/DC “Angus and Malcolm had done riffs together all their life and really had a big box of them and Angus said he basically just went through them all and he went, ‘Oh, that’s a good one. This is a good one,’ and Angus  brought them out. So, it really is true that Malcolm is on [the album], basically in spirit and all of that.”

Second generation rockers have a tougher road than you might imagine — just ask Wolfgang Van Halen, son of the legendary Eddie Van Halen. Wolfie, as he’s known to friends and family, has undergone scrutiny ever since stepping on stage at age 16 to play bass on Van Halen’s 2007 tour. Now with this debut album and the opening slot on Guns N’ Roses upcoming tour – Wolfgang Van Halen is ready to step beyond the shadow of his famous name and prove himself as an artist in his own right. Van Halen’s long-awaited debut – as Mammoth WVH – is an impressive collection that demonstrates the full range of the 30-year-old’s talent. Wolfgang wrote all the songs, plays every instrument and sings every note on the 14-song set. “I just wanted to show that I’m my own person and that I’m more than just what has come before related to my last name. While everything that’s come before from my name [are] things that I respect and love, I’m excited to create my own legacy.” Van Halen pays homage to his father with his band’s name. “Since I was a kid, my dad would tell me the story of the band and that it was called Mammoth,” he says of the name brothers Eddie and Alex Van Halen originally gave their band. “It was a three-piece with dad singing, so that’s another connection I have with it. Just growing up, I was like, ‘That’s the coolest name! When I grow up, I want to call my own band that,’ and here we are.”

If you’d stumbled unawares into one of Joanna Connor’s regular gigs at the House of Blues or Kingston Mines in the 2010s, the blues singer and guitarist might’ve seemed like some sort of hidden treasure. But Connor has been playing all over the local blues scene for almost four decades, and Joanna Connor’s attracted devoted fans drawn to her forceful stage presence and fiery slide guitar. When Joanna Connor moved to Chicago from Massachusetts in the mid-1980s, she started out as a guitarist for Dion Payton’s 43rd Street Blues Band, then the house band for the storied Checkerboard Lounge. Joanna Connor branched out with her own group in 1988, building a reputation as a reliably energetic shredder with a brassy alto

‘Talk About It’ “gives listeners another taste of the energy Jungle delivered on this album”. The bass and drum foundations of the song were recorded “very early on”, Jungle explained, and the song’s production process was started off with an emphasis to “not over-work it”. “I really think that these are the most Jungle songs we’ve made,” J Lloyd told NME, with Tom McFarland agreeing: “[This album] feels like what Jungle always had in our heads. If you go back and compare it to the first record, they feel smaller and more introverted. This feels like a whole new level.” frontman Sam Hales of Jungle said that creating it has “been a really good process, really self-affirming”. “When you trust in your ability, and you trust in your heart, and just be really honest, that’s the best feeling in the world. The album is about all those little messages we send each other, the love signs.”


Music is Life. Thanks again for listening.

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Artist and Song Title:

  • Gangs Of Youths – Angel Of 8th Ave
  • Solthrust – Once More The Ocean
  • Yves Tumor – Jackie
  • Hippo Campus – Bad Dream Baby
  • David Bowie – Somebody Up There Likes Me (Live in Detroit 1974)
  • David Bowie – Suffragette City (Live)
  • The Record Company – Devil Inside (INXS Cover)
  • Jake Whiskin – Running On Fumes
  • Milky Chance – Colorado
  • Modernlove – I Know It’s Tearing You Apart
  • Japanese Breakfast – Kokomo, IN
  • AC/DC – Realize
  • Mammoth WVH – You’re To Blame
  • Joanna Connor – Destination
  • Jungle – Talk About It

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