Welcome to NEXT. Hello new music lovers. We are a new music show on the radio with a very simple goal – find you a NEXT, new favorite song. We are on week 780. That’s a lot of new music over the years.

May NEXT find a song that makes your ears smile. Enjoy it all.

“All music is folk music. I ain’t never heard a horse sing a song.” ― Louis Armstrong

Let us begin NEXT week 780 with Acid Dad. Acid Dad are a Brooklyn psychedelic rock band. Acid Dad’s forthcoming sophomore album will be entitled “Take It From The Dead”. Over 2020, Acid Dad rented studio time in Queens as well as built their own guitars. They also independently produce their music. This creativity and innovation led to their second LP Take It From The Dead. The record features a variety of influences ranging from 90’s neo-psych, modern post-punk, and 70’s rock. Their sound meanders the perfect musical boundary of brand-new and nostalgic.

Hamish Anderson with nice T Rex vibes. Australian “singer, songwriter and guitar hero”  Hamish Anderson releases “Morning Light”. This Hamish Anderson song has a 70s style. This Hamish Anderson song drips with rock-n-roll swagger. Morning Light builds from a driving guitar & drum beat to boldly distorted T. Rex meets Rolling Stones tones. It is Hamish Anderson’s first new music since 2019’s Out of My Head. Following a tour opening for Gary Clark, Jr in his native Australia, Hamish was set to return to the States for a solo U.S. headlining tour in 2020 when COVID created a global lock down. Hamish didn’t miss a beat. He immediately began performing live stream concerts and video sessions. Hamish Anderson wrote “Morning Light” prior to 2020 and this song not only resonated with his audience, but also became an acoustic mantra during all his live stream shows. Hamish Anderson: “Morning Light” came to me when I was on my first European tour in 2018. Hamish Anderson remembers lying in the back of the van with the sun shining on me when the lyrics and melody just popped into my head.  Hamish Anderson had been thinking about all sorts of hard times that everyone has to endure — and how much of it actually turns out okay. Hamish Anderson wanted to capture that feeling of hope that a new day can bring by reminding myself that things will get better – and that these everyday moments really do shine through, if you pay attention.”

Cheap Trick released their 20th studio album, In Another World. The new LP is just more of what you expect from Cheap Trick – indelible rock ‘n’ roll with oversized hooks, mischievous lyrics, and seemingly inexorable energy. This is Cheap Trick’s follow up to dual 2017 releases We’re All Alright! and Christmas Christmas. In Another World sees Cheap Trick — guitarists Robin Zander and Rick Nielsen, bassist Tom Petersson and drummer Daxx Nielsen welcomed guest musicians like Jimmy Hall of Wet Willie for harmonica on “Final Days” along with former Sex Pistols guitarist, Steve Jones, on the only cover on the album, a rendition of John Lennon’s “Gimme Some Truth.”

The Blue Stones are strictly blues-rock no longer. “Sonically, it definitely shows us settled into who we are as a band,” Jafar, the lead vocalist of The Blue Stones, said. When The Blue Stones released their first album back in 2018, the members of The Blue Stones were both finishing their undergraduate degrees and trying to figure out who they were. Jafar of The Blue Stones feels the bold new album shows even more confidence. “It’s very in your face,” Jafar of The Blue Stones said. “The Blue Stones are not ashamed to show people what we do.” Shakin’ Off the Rust probably best represents classic Blue Stones blues-rock, though Careless and Make This Easy delve into hip-hop territory.

Tulsa Indie-rock trio Wilderado has released their new single “Head Right”. A confident and boisterous slice of rock n’ roll, “Head Right” builds on what Wilderado does best – combining soaring melodies with lush three-part harmonies. Towards the end of 2018 and all throughout 2019 Wilderado were constantly on the road. In between tours Wilderado’s Maxim Helmerich was flying to different places, meeting producers, working on songs and trying to figure out what it was Wilderado were going to do next. Most of the time Wilderado’s Maxim Helmerich would be alone, working with someone he’d never met and going back to hotel rooms where Wilderado’s Maxim Helmerich would usually spin out and wonder what he was doing. Somewhere in the spring of ’19 Wilderado were all in Nashville hanging out with a guy named Angelo talking about how sometimes the best way to ruin a song, life, or anything really, is to take it too seriously. That afternoon Wilderado wrote “Head Right.” It was the first time in forever Wilderado had written a song, lyrics and everything, all together. We’re happy to share it with you now as it represents a turning point for us as a Wilderado, a return to the basics and the feeling of writing music while not caring about much at all.

Singer-songwriter Parker Millsap shares his new song, “Dammit,” from his soon-to-be-released album BE HERE INSTEAD. “Dammit” is one of the album’s most majestic moments as it unfolds as an unlikely epic that perfectly captures the nuances of existential frustration while working up a furious momentum that’s nothing less than exhilarating. “‘Dammit’ is a song about being frustrated by the limits of my perception, and the laws of the natural world,” says Millsap. “This song started as a ballad. It changed so much. I was trying to write something with complex chord changes at first, and when I sent it to John (Agnello, producer) he said he really liked the lyrics, but he suggested I try to make the music ‘a little more like a U2 song.’ Parker Millsap got out the delay pedals and messed with it for a couple of hours and couldn’t figure out how the hell U2 sounded like that! So Parker Millsap decided to try it like a Lou Reed song instead. That was the ticket. Parker Millsap simplified the chords from 8 down to 2 (always a good move) and it clicked! Then Parker Millsap cranked the tempo up a little and was able to expand the lyrics, and it’s now one of Parker Millsap favorite songs he’d ever written.”

Nashville based Indie-Pop Singer/Songwriter Shane Hines. His solo acoustic show is all about powerful vocals paired with a rockin’ guitar. Shane Hines: Lover of humans and writer of songs. It’s a simple bio. And it works. And it’s really all you need. And that’s all you get. High Highs are an indie rock band from SydneyAustralia

In 2002, before beardy indie-folk became a cliché, Sam Beam broke out in a big way with The Creek Drank The Cradle, his debut album as Iron & Wine. It’s not like those hushed lo-fi home recordings were the first songs Beam ever recorded, though. Today he has announced an unearthed album recorded in the late ’90s, when Sam Beam was a student at Florida State University’s College of Motion Picture Arts. Archive Series Volume No.5: Tallahassee is, as you might surmise, part of Beam’s ongoing Archive Series. Sam Beam recorded these Tallahassee tracks in 1998 and 1999, when Sam Beam was just getting started as a singer-songwriter. Supposedly Beam had mostly forgotten about the recordings, but Sam Beam’s former roommate and Iron & Wine bandmate EJ Holowicki preserved them and prepared them for release. He also was the one who encouraged Beam to record these songs in the first place. Holowicki later became a sound designer at Lucasfilm’s sound mixing division Skywalker Sound, so I guess consider Tallahassee an official prequel to the Iron & Wine saga

Throughout any given day, Ryan Caraveo is always writing down thoughts that stand out, whether they are lyrics or not. Sometimes it’s a melody, sometimes it is a lyric idea, sometimes it’s a word or two. At a later date, when Ryan Caraveo is in the mood to “write,” Ryan Caraveo pulls up a folder full of loops or chops or guitar samples or any other track idea. Mostly inspired by hip-hop, electronic and alternative music. Ryan Caraveo has been based in LA for the past year but his roots are in Seattle. Ryan Caraveo has a uniquely edgy take on hip-hop, giving it an alternative spin in the best way.

Loza Rose, born Sophia Jackeline Zuniga, is an American singer, songwriter, and former YouTuber. Born in 2000, in Teaneck, NJ, Loza Rose started singing and playing piano at the early age of seven. Loza Rose took piano lessons for two years before performing in theatre both as a singer and a young actress. This continued until Loza Rose’s Freshmen year of high school, where Loza Rose changed her interest to choir full time. In 2014, Loza Rose took to YouTube where she sang covers and spoke about mental illness. Right out of high school, Loza decided to push her musical talents to the next level. Taking independent vocal lessons and hiring a manager to push her career forward, Loza Rose was signed to EAR after six months of developing her sound.

Josh Teskey said, “This is an all-time classic Australian song that all of us love. “It’s a pleasure to sing it and I don’t know why we didn’t do it earlier. We’re very proud to dedicate this release to our friend Michael Gudinski who was a huge supporter of Australian music and The Teskey Brothers. Our two worlds collided and we will always be grateful for that.”

Crowded House’s first album in a decade “Dreamers Are Waiting”. Neil Finn chatting about Split Endz: “We loved British pop music with a passion and then slowly became exposed to things that had been on the radio when we grew up like soul music and Motown. So you could pick and choose and I think that’s enabled weirdness to come to the fore” Following the disillusion of Split Enz, Finn, and drummer Paul Hester regrouped as Crowded House, alongside bassist Nick Seymour. The tradition of family remains strong in Crowded House’s current line-up, which includes Finn’s sons Liam and Elroy. With their father, they join founding member Nick Seymour and producer and keyboardist Mitchell Froom.

O.A.R. started in high school -> Marc Roberge, Chris Culos, Richard On and Benj Gershman, four of the band’s five current members, went to middle school and high school together in Rockville, Maryland. They also went to The Ohio State University together, where they met the band’s fifth member, Jerry DePizzo. O.A.R. has been active for more than 20 years. O.A.R. formed in 1996 and recorded its debut album, “The Wanderer.” O.A.R.’s most recent album is its eighth. The name “O.A.R.” is an acronym inspired by a Bob Marley song. The letters stand for “Of a Revolution,” and fit with the message of reggae music, which is what the members were listening to when they decided to form the band. 

The Wallflowers Return With “Roots And Wings”. The First The Wallflower’s Album Since 2012. The Butch Walker-produced, 10-track album will be their first full-length studio effort since 2012’s Glad All Over. Lead singer and guitarist Jakob Dylan says of the Wallflower’s comeback album: “The Wallflowers have always been a vehicle for me to make great rock ‘n’ roll records. And sometimes the lineup that makes the record transfers over into touring, and sometimes it doesn’t. But my intention is always to make the Wallflowers record I want to make, using the musicians I have beside me.”

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, southern rockers Blackberry Smoke will release You Hear Georgia. Today, Blackberry Smoke has shared yet another track from the LP, the wistful “Ain’t The Same.” “Lyrically, the song is about the South being misunderstood. It’s obviously a rough and tumble world, and there’s a lot of bad people. But there’s a lot of good people too,” BBS frontman Charlie Starr explained of the tune. “It started with the idea of how people might have a preconceived opinion of you because of a thick Southern accent, then expanded into the reality of how some people just seem to have such a hard time getting along, thanks to political or religious views, or simply what part of the country you come from.”

Music is Life. Thanks again for listening.

It was tough before Covid 19. Now more than ever we need to support these bands. Even something as simple as buying an album, or a ticket to a show (when live music comes back or if they are hosting online events), or a tee shirt. And if you can buy directly from them. Even better. Thank you.

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WARNING may contain bad words. Or may not. Depends.

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Artist and Song Title:

  • Acid Dad – RC Driver
  • Hamish Anderson – Morning Light
  • Cheap Trick – Quit Waking Me Up
  • The Blue Stones – Shakin’ Off The Rust
  • Wilderado – Head Right
  • Parker Millsap – Dammit
  • Shane Hines – The High Highs
  • Iron And Wine – Calm On The Valley
  • Ryan Caraveo – Ricochet
  • Loza Rose – Glorious
  • The Teskey Brothers – Never Tear Us Apart (INXS Cover)
  • Crowded House – To The Island
  • O.A.R. – Catching Sunlight
  • The Wallflowers – Roots And Wings
  • Blackberry Smoke – Ain’t The Same

and remember if you love someone hug them right now

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