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“The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers.” – Roy Ayers

Let us begin NEXT week 779 with Wavves. Wavves are back with their new tune, â€˜Sinking Feeling’. It marks Wavves’ first new music since their 2017 album ‘You’re Welcome’. Wavves team up with producer Dave Sitek, from TV on the Radio. Wavves Frontman Nathan Williams: “‘Sinking Feeling’ is a song about a wave of depression that keeps coming back. It’s that sinking feeling that drags you down and no matter what you do or where you go it follows you.”

Ten Kills The Pack (a.k.a. Sean Sroka) applies a deep level of intimacy and eloquence to confessional songs rooted in modern motifs. He seamlessly translates cosmopolitan, commuter lifestyles through thought-provoking, indie-folk soundscapes. Sean Sroka, Ten Kills The Pack calls himself a “city songwriter” through and through. Every era in your life has a Life, Death, & Afterwards. “The songs on this EP are the products of these stages,” says Sean aka Ten Kills The Pack. “They were all written in a period of time where Sean Sroka aka Ten Kills The Pack stopped playing and writing music and dove deep into reading and writing poetry. These songs were all poems first. This was a different, particular phase in my growth as a writer and songwriter.”

Glasgow’s The Fratellis, whose banger ‘Chelsea Dagger’ has overshadowed the band since it rocketed the then-unknowns into the Top 10 in 2006. Now 43 million YouTube streams of the song – and just as many sports montages and pub brawls – followed. The album of jaunty, scratchy indie tunes that the song appeared on, ‘Costello Music’, sold more than a million copies and spent no less than 83 weeks in the charts. If you checked out after that, here’s some potentially surprising news: five albums later, the trio have released 10 classy, lush songs audibly inspired by ‘60s girl group doo-wop.

Evergreens symbolize longevity, immortality and continued renewal, a fitting metaphor for Kentucky rockers Bendigo Fletcher. The past several years saw Bendigo Fletcher shift members, sign to a larger label and craft a new piece of work reflecting their new chapter. “Evergreen,” the first single from the band’s upcoming collection of work meanders through the madness of the world and the constant reconditioning required to survive it all.  Produced by Wilco and Uncle Tupelo drummer Ken Coomer. Bendigo Fletcher fuses a denser psych-rock with some remaining elements of Bendigo Fletcher’s drifting folk-Americana roots. Originally written in 2015, “Evergreen” narrates all the band’s journey throughout this time through the present. “ Bendigo Fletcher has gone through a journey to make it sound like it sounds, but I think the feeling around when that song was created applies now more than ever in a new context,” says singer Ryan Anderson of Bendigo Fletcher. “Looking back and taking it into context now, Ryan Anderson of Bendigo Fletcher wrote the song in a time of great, personal uncertainty. Ryan Anderson of Bendigo Fletcher was out of college and studying for the MCAT tests for medical school, but at the same time, was coming to terms with the reality that I’ve never been able to sit down and read a book for more than 10 minutes. I have an active mind that just needs to be moving all the time.”

Back in 2017, shortly after Tom Petty died, Spoon’s Britt Daniel was one of 74 artists who told us about their favorite Petty songs. Daniel of Spoon picked Petty’s Full Moon Fever classic “A Face In The Crowd.” Here’s what Daniel of Spoon had to say about it: Divine Fits played “You Got Lucky” at just about every gig we had. What an insane single. It’s got an intense lyric and the most powerful, creepy guitar riff and somehow Dan was able to tap into that attitude every time. It was the greatest feeling in the world to be in a band that could play that song and pull it off. But since yesterday the song Daniel of Spoon keep playing is “A Face In The Crowd,” a ballad that came out as Daniel of Spoon was graduating high school and leaving my hometown and most of the people Daniel of Spoon knew forever. Daniel of Spoon relived that moment in the song. The minor chords, the vocal, the melody — all haunting and timeless. Back in October, on the day that Petty would’ve turned 70, Spoon took part in Petty’s virtual birthday bash. On that show, Spoon covered “A Face In The Crowd,” as well as Petty’s 1976 hit “Breakdown.” Those covers hadn’t been archived or on demand, but today, Spoon have released those two covers.

The strangeness of the pandemic seems to have bolstered the Followill clan – Kings of Leon frontman Caleb, his brothers Nathan and Jared on drums and bass respectively, their cousin Matthew on guitar – in surprising ways. Kings of Leon’s new album, ‘When You See Yourself’, finds Kings of Leon reinvigorated, excited and grateful to be making music for the first time in what feels like a lifetime. Then again, 18 years since their debut album, Kings Of Leon certainly lived more than a few different ones. Nathan, at 41 the eldest Followill and ostensible father figure of the band, says Kings Of Leon are “a lot more youthful on this record” and “That’s a result of being well-rested and being confident in the studio.”

Hell yes, Garbage are back. Wait – Wait – Wait. Let me try that again. HELL!!! YES!!! Garbage are back. Garbage have announced their long-awaited return with the release of pounding new track The Men Who Rule The World, the lead single from upcoming album, No Gods No Masters. The new Garbage record will be the band’s seventh full-length album and their first since 2016’s Strange Little Birds. Described as an “incendiary indictment and call to arms”, the new single acts as a “critique of the rise of capitalist short-sightedness, racism, sexism and misogyny across the world”.

Dry Cleaning are the post-punk poets of the everyday. The easy thing to do with Dry Cleaning is to concentrate on Florence Shaw and her laconic, subdued, spoken delivery of lyrics that are almost surreal in their quotidian blankness. By doing that it does a disservice to the other three members of the band, because New Long Leg is the work of a terrifically focused group, whose version of post-punk is far more varied than it might at first appear. Tom Dowse of Dry Cleaning has a knack for insinuating guitar lines – the cascading riff of Unsmart Lady; the simple pattern that underpins Strong Feelings – and sometimes the hooks come from the basslines of Lewis Maynard of Dry Cleaning. There’s not a revolution here

An acronym that not a lot of people know, stands for Consuming abnormal amounts of Makers and PBR. It’s also the name of the Ohioan musician trio Caamp. CAAMP IS A FOLK TRIO FROM OHIO, MAKING BEAUTIFUL NOISE. Started by boyhood friends Evan Westfall and Taylor Meier, CAAMP came to life in Athens, Ohio. Taylor began penning and playing  original songs at coffee shops around Athens in 2013. Evan moved down a couple of years later and together in a hazy attic, enjoying light beers, they would find the heartfelt sound that became CAAMP. Since independently releasing their self-titled first record in 2016, Caamp have climbed Spotify charts, headlined the US, purchased denim jackets and added a bass- playing buddy, Matt Vinson- who also enjoys light beers and denim. With the recent release of their third album “By and By,” the Ohioan trio, Caamp, has high hopes and no reservations.

Indie-folk trio the Accidentals worked with an incredible list of artists on their forthcoming EP: Kim Richey, Mary Gauthier and more. “Night Train” is a songwriting collaboration with Dar Williams. “Night Train” by the Accidentals hopes for healing and a better future. “Night Train” by the Accidentals “became an anthem … for the work we have to do, for the hope and light that exists … It’s the rally cal.” The story told in “Night Train” is one from Dar Williams’ own life: During a Zoom songwriting session, the legendary folk singer-songwriter shared with the Accidentals’ Savannah “Sav” Buist, Katie Larson and Michael Dause about a train trip she took just before the COVID-19 pandemic largely shut the world.

Former Deep Purple/Rainbow guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and vocalist Candice Night will release their eleventh album. The Blackmore and Night have released a video interview where they discuss their love for Renaissance music and the inspirations behind new album Nature’s Light, which is the first Blackmore’s Night record in six years. â€œThe story of Nature’s Light is the story of nature being the true queen and the simplicity and magic of everyday miracles that happen right before your eyes”, says Night. â€œIf you feel stagnant or repressed in your surroundings, it is important to take a break from the mundane and go where your heart leads you. It allows you to recharge and begin again with fresh and renewed energy. For some it is the ocean, for some the woods, for some feeling the sun on your face. “Our music is an escape from the stress and pressure of modern times. Journey back through time with us, to a simpler, magical time where music enters your heart and soul.”

Del Amitri on the excitement and terror of their first album in 19 years. Del Amitri’s Justin Currie has opened up about the excitement and terror of releasing new music for the first time in almost two decades, as Del Amitri prepare to return with a new album. As gaps between records go, 19 years is a mere blink of the eye compared to four decade delayers like Shirley Collins or Shuggie Otis. Yet Del Amitri’s ‘time out’ has overlapped with a period of such change within the music industry that it feels like they have been away for several lifetimes. When their sixth album, Can You Do Me Good?, hit the racks in April 2002 the iPod was a mere six months old and the foundation of Spotify was exactly four years in the future. 

Praised as “the greatest living soul singer,” Robert Finley announces a new Dan Auerbach produced album, Sharecropper’s Son. To herald the upcoming project, Finley shares the lead single, “Souled Out On You,” chronicling the undesired end of a relationship. “It’s about someone who takes on everything in the relationship,” says Finley. “All the good and the bad and even after all of that, they notice that it just isn’t going to work out, and the relationship has run its course. I took all I could take, and I’m starting my life over.” The mood-matching visualizer features Auerbach on guitar, who co-wrote the track along with the legendary keyboardist Bobby Wood. “We were in a writing session, and Bobby Wood had told me everyone he used to play with back in Memphis and Nashville,” Finley recalls. “We got to know each other better in that studio. I had found out in that writing session that Bobby and Gene [Chrisman] had called themselves ‘The Memphis Boys’, and they played on songs for Elvis Presley, Isaac Hayes, even when Al Green first started. “When you’re hanging out with the best,” Robert Finley continues, “it kind of brings out the best in you. Robert Finley was in this room with some of the best songwriters and players, and thought, ‘Okay, I’m finally in the right place, with the right crowd’.” Finley was born as one of eight children in Winnsboro, Louisiana, in 1953. His family were sharecroppers, and he could not regularly attend school because he often worked with his family in the field picking cotton. Robert Finley later attended a segregated school, but dropped out in the 10th grade. After 67 years of hard work, the Robert Finley finally obtained a platform to reflect on his journey from the Jim Crow South to overnight success. In the years since, Robert Finley has overcome divorce, house fires, an automobile accident and is legally blind following glaucoma that forced him to retire from carpentry and finally pursue his long-delayed music career. According to Finley, “losing my sight gave me the perspective to see my true destiny.” 

Goat Girl is “wonderfully wonky”. The thirteen tracks that make up the album are askey and also incredibly catchy with subtle sci-fi tinges to them. But this is what we’ve come to expect from the South London post-punk outfit. Goat Girl reminds me of the brief and ecstatic moment in the late ’70s and early ’80s, when post-punk was still colorful and vibrant, before it soured into a slate-gray procession of epithet-barking dour frontmen

Music is Life. Thanks again for listening.

It was tough before Covid 19. Now more than ever we need to support these bands. Even something as simple as buying an album, or a ticket to a show (when live music comes back or if they are hosting online events), or a tee shirt. And if you can buy directly from them. Even better. Thank you.

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Artist and Song Title:

  • Wavves – Sinking Feeling
  • Ten Kills The Pack – Body
  • The Fratellis – Half Drunk Under A Full Moon
  • Bendigo Fletcher – Evergreen
  • Spoon. – A Face In The Crowd (Live Tom Petty Cover)
  • Kings Of Leon – Echoing
  • Garbage – the Men Who Rule The World
  • Dry Cleaning – Unsmart Lady
  • Caamp –  Square One
  • The Accidentals – Night Train
  • Blackmore’s Night – The Last Musketeer
  • Del Amitri – It’s Feelings
  • Robert Finley – Souled Out On You
  • Goat Girl – Once Again

and remember if you love someone hug them right now

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