Hello new music lovers.

Why do we make year-end lists or want to read those made by others?  It’s a way to CATCH-UP. Or CALM our minds. There’s something about CRAFTING something. Lastly CREATING RITUAL something we all do whether we realize it or not. The New Year evokes feelings. Positive and negative. Time is passing. Year-end lists are a way to manage the psychology of the experience. Or maybe I’m crazy and I’m trying to make myself feel better. Either way thank you for listening. Whether it’s once in awhile or every week (is there a person out there that does that?). Thank you. If this is your first time. Find yourself a great song and visit us again. Please and thank you.

Welcome to NEXT. We have a simple goal: Find you a NEXT, new favorite song. #NextFavoriteSong

“Music is … A higher revelation than all Wisdom & Philosophy” ― Ludwig van Beethoven

CATCH UP: We don’t want to miss out. We want to be in on notables of the year. It’s a way to “fill in the gap” or complete the experience. It’s a quick easy way to expand horizons. These actions give us a bit of control in the chaos that is modern entertainment. We can’t listen to or watch or play EVERYTHING. Viewing the recommendations of those we respect gives us a quick catch-up. Helps us get that on-track feeling. Looking back to move forward.

CALM. List-making calms the mind. The inner swirl of desires, goals, choices and concerns can be overwhelming. When we take those swirls and endless possibilities we can transform them with clear intent into something concrete. It feels good. Creating our personal list is a good thing. That should give us good feelings. And, of course, when someone does the thinking for you, you feel cared for somehow. Another reason curators are important.

CRAFTING. Listing is crafting. Hey look I’m crafting. Much is considered and ruled out to achieve the honed result. We need art and culture to complete our total health. Studies indicate that personal self-expression or identification with an artist’s work boosts mood, decreases stress and seeds hope. NEXT is a seeder of hope. Year End Lists are an offering in the sense that they save us time and money. Hey you – new music lover – Quickly listen to a few songs worth your time. We do this without YOU having to search. Thus saving you time and money. And time is so important as we can’t get that back. Will this NEXT end of year list be everything, no? Will there be something good? I mean, there’s probably a reason you started listening to NEXT in the first place. Trusted opinion. Or maybe laziness. Let’s go with you like what you hear. That’s why I craft a moment in time, end of year list of new music.

CREATING RITUAL: It’s the end of year. It’s a turning point. We have rituals to deal with turning points. While New Year is a cause for celebration and some have a Fear of regrets, letting go, loss or change. There’s FOMO, right? Year-end lists allow us to take stock, accept, evaluate, alter what we can and get excited about what is forthcoming. The December year-end list ritual is the embodiment of a second chance. Thanks for listening. It’s appreciated beyond words. My hope is that you trust my ears and that NEXT becomes a ritual in your musical journey. 

What songs in 2020 made your ears smile? Music is Life. 

It was tough before Covid 19. Now more than ever we need to support these bands. Even something as simple as buying an album, or a ticket to a show (when live music comes back or if they are hosting online events), or a tee shirt. And if you can buy directly from them. Even better. Thank you.

Spotify playlist updates on Thursday(ish). Link to Chris Bro on Spotify.

WARNING may contain bad words. Or may not. Depends.

You can listen to NEXT on the radio. Listen to NEXT on Ocean 98 in Maryland Sunday nights at 10. Or Saturday afternoon on VOBB in Canada

Artist and Song Title:

  • Baby Of The Bunch – I Like That
  • Beabadoobee – Care
  • Starbelly – Love Song 26
  • The Ghost Of Paul Revere – Good At Losing Everything
  • Nada Surf – Live, Learn, And Forget
  • Hailey Knox – A Boy Named Pluto
  • STRFKR – Second Hand
  • Royal Blood – Trouble’s Coming
  • The Rad Trads – Shouldn’t Have to Ask Me Why
  • Dan Reeder – Love And Hate
  • Khruangbin and Leon Bridges – Texas Sun
  • Delta Spirit – It Ain’t Easy
  • Elizabeth Cook – Perfect Girls Of Pop
  • Slow Pulp – At It Again
  • The Amazons – Doubt It
  • The Beths – Dying to Believe
  • Old 97’s – This House Got Ghosts

and remember if you love someone hug them right now

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