Originally I was going to post this to your wall, but figured it’s probably a better email/message.  (I’ve – Chris Bro – decided to post it on my website – so there’s that.)

Happy (belated) Father’s Day. I meant to say something since you are a dear friend and mentor, but actual Father’s Day was strangely tough due to the fact it hit me that this was the 10th one without my dad. I hope you and your family had a great one.

Something I should mention…I believe also, this month makes it 20 years of friendship. Holy balls, right?!!

So what on earth does such an influence like that looks like… Both times I saw the Cure (2004 and 2016) and they played “Fascination Street” I made sure to really enjoy that one since I believe it’s one of your favorites. The time in 2004 was surreal, because I was upfront next to this guy from Rolling Stone. He had all this amazing photography equipment and there I was taking photos with a not-so-great point & shoot camera. Robert Smith was maybe 4 feet away. I was only a freshman in college and all I could think was “Wherever you are in this world Bro, I hope you know this song is for you!” (Cute, right?)

What else can I share? Well, you’re the reason why I know Stevie Ray Vaughn played on Bowie’s Let’s Dance. (Next to my folks, you taught me to really appreciate SRV)

I still have this soft spot for Arsenal football, pretty sure that’s your fault! As you may know I love Mancity. Speaking of English things, I have read all of Nick Hornby’s books for the last 20 years and I wouldn’t have touched his work had it not been for you saying “Check out High Fidelity!” The man’s way of looking at all music really changed my life (the notion of what is pop music), but also I just loved his writing. I still remember you telling me to read “About A Boy” and how that one got me to give Nirvana a second try. (While on the topic of reading…I also remember trying very hard in the 10th grade during spring break to read the Last Temptation of Christ. I really enjoyed it, but man I still talk about how tough the sentence structures were to read. Wasn’t sure if you remember that book recommendation or not).

And finally, all the musical recommendations… Whiskeytown and Ryan Adams comes to mind. I know you were the first person to talk to me about Coldplay, and you definitely are why I know about David Gray, and why I own a copy of Massive Attack’s Bluelines.

One last thing – I promise once I get the final touches completed on my veggie garden (I’m almost done), I’ll start writing some content ideas and you can tell me where to post. I haven’t forgotten about all the cool stuff we talked about before the pandemic.

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