Hello new music lovers. Welcome to NEXT. We have a simple goal: Find you a NEXT, new favorite song. #NextFavoriteSong

On NEXT this week. It’s our look back. It’s a fine collection of songs played on NEXT during the month of July. Think of it as a quick, easy way to catch up on what you may have missed. Life is busy. Sometimes you can’t listen to NEXT. I do get it. Maybe. Probably not. I mean, hell, I’m doing the hard work. You just need to listen. OK – a bit off track.

This week is our review, a rewind, a redux of the great new music NEXT played. I can’t begin to even thank you enough for listening to NEXT. Hell, just new music. Thank you. Artists this week on NEXT: Cayucas, July Talk, Inhaler, Guided By Voices, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, The Rolling Stones, Elizabeth Cook, Yukon Blonde, Ben Folds, Delta Spirit, Elliott Brood, Beabadoobee, Jukebox The Ghost, Party Muscles, Lewis Del Mar, Moe., Prince. When you find a new favorite song – please share what song made your ears happy. 

Music is Life. And new music keeps you young at heart. And keeps your mind nimble. It’s science. Do the google if you don’t believe me.

It was tough before Covid 19. Now more than ever we need to support these bands. Even something as simple as buying an album, or a ticket to a show (when live music comes back or if they are hosting online events), or a tee shirt. And if you can buy directly from them. Even better. Thank you.

Spotify playlist updates on Thursday(ish). Link to Chris Bro on Spotify.

WARNING may contain bad words. Or may not. Depends.

You can listen to NEXT on the radio. Listen to NEXT on Ocean 98 in Maryland Sunday nights at 10. Or Saturday afternoon on VOBB in Canada

Artist and Song Title:
Cayucas – Yeah Yeah Yeah
July Talk – Pretender
Inhaler – Falling In
Guided By Voices – To Keep An Area
Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard – Double Denim Hop
The Rolling Stones – Criss Cross
Elizabeth Cook – Perfect Girls of Pop
Yukon Blonde – Get Precious
Ben Folds – 2020
Delta Spirit – It Ain’t Easy
Elliott Brood – Stay Out
Beabadoobee – Care
Jukebox The Ghost – Call Me Joe
Party Muscles – Citywalking
Lewis Del Mar – The Ceiling
Moe. – Dangerous Game
Prince – Witness 4 The Prosecution

and remember if you love someone hug them right now

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