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On NEXT this week. Guster with Omaha Symphony starts the week off with live music. I miss live music. It’s good for your soul. I’m buying all the live albums coming out these days. Guster’s February show with the Omaha Symphony is called “OMAGAH! The album was recorded Feb. 8 at the Holland Performing Arts Center. Inhaler want to make it on their own terms, just like any band. The way they tell their story, the fact their frontman is the son of one of the world’s biggest rock stars is almost irrelevant. Yes, he has a familiar yearning voice. Yes, his dad is U2 singer Bono. And I yes, they have what it takes to be more than U2.0.

Delta Spirit are set to return with their first album in six years, What Is There. Lead singer Matt Vasquez says that “It Ain’t Easy” started with guitarist Will McLaren and he, “I made the beat using my Novation Circuit Groove box, and Will was at the piano playing some chords. We made a quick demo and I wrote the lyrics while driving around San Clemente, CA. This song is about finding our way back to collaboration. We are a band of contrarians, but when that energy is focused in the same direction we’ve had some pretty amazing results over the years.“ Hell yes, they have.

Dawes releasing album 7. First on Rounder. “As a band, this album is a celebration of each other and our closeness as a group. It’s the four of us live in a room not hiding behind any sort of studio magic. This band has made us stronger and brought us closer through the years and we’re recognizing that and are more proud of that than ever.” Old 97s on the new song, “I think if I wasn’t hungry, I wouldn’t be able to write the songs that I write,” Rhett Miller says of “The Dropouts,” Old 97’s rockin’, self-reflective and stay-positive new single. The band’s new album, Twelfth, is out August 21.

Elizabeth Cook – Bones a retro ’80s, new-wave vibe. Wallows cover the Beatles. Known to millions of young viewers as the star of the hit Netflix series “13 Reasons Why,” this 22-year-old singer and guitarist understands that his other job will lead many to think of Wallows as a mere hobby. I do like this cover. So there’s that. The Rolling Stones featuring Jimmy Page. When the Rolling Stones rolled out details of their upcoming Goat’s Head Soup box set earlier this month, one of the most exciting elements was a previously unreleased song recorded with Jimmy Page titled “Scarlet.” The song was cut in October 1974 with Keith Richards and Page both handling guitar duties and Traffic’s Ric Grech on bass. “My recollection is we walked in at the end of a Zeppelin session,” Richards says in a statement. “They were just leaving, and we were booked in next and I believe that Jimmy decided to stay. We weren’t actually cutting it as a track; it was basically for a demo, a demonstration, you know, just to get the feel of it, but it came out well, with a lineup like that, you know, we better use it.‘”

To mark what would have been his 56th birthday (July 20th), the Chris Cornell estate has shared the musician’s previously unreleased cover of Guns N’ Roses’ classic 1989 ballad, “Patience.” Cornell doesn’t stray too far from the original as he breaks out the acoustic guitar for the cover, but his version boasts an added depth thanks to droning synths and percussion that clatters through space. “And the streets don’t change but maybe the names,” Cornell sings, starting to push his voice to its familiar upper edges, “I ain’t got time for the game ’cause I need you/Yeah I need you.” On Cornell’s Facebook page, the cover of “Patience” arrived with a note: “His birthday seemed the perfect time to share this and celebrate Chris, his voice, music, stories and art. It is true a man is not dead while his name is still spoken … and, through his art, an artist’s soul still burns just as bright as ever upon all those that look up to him and his memory,” his widow, Vicky Cornell, wrote. “Releasing music that was special to Chris keeps a part of him here with us — his heart and his soul. His love and his legacy.”

The Troggs release a Summer of Love version. The original version in 1968. Also covered famously by Wet Wet Wet for Four Wedding And A Funeral and by REM for MTV Unplugged. Elliott Brood. Children can inspire all kinds of things, including a song that you never meant to write. And when Casey Laforet of Elliott BROOD sat down to write an epic song, armed with a mandolin and kick drum, a frank and piercing story surfaced. “The idea had been in my head since my son was born.  I think I had a rough time adjusting to huge changes in my life,” Laforet told American Songwriter. “I was sort of stuck between two worlds and feeling pretty helpless about the whole thing. One day I sat down with a mandolin and a kick drum with the intention of writing a huge historical BAND type saga like ‘Acadian Driftwood’ and this came out instead.”
“I hope it’s a place that a lot of people can relate to, with the feeling of ‘you can’t go back’ or being sickened with nostalgia,” Laforet added. “The song will probably resonate with people who have trouble with change. I hope the underlying hopefulness is in there somewhere. “ 

Diana DeMuth – Into My Arms Growing up on the coast of Massachusetts, DeMuth was immersed in a bohemian upbringing where she moved from place to place with hippie parents. That same restless spirit inhabited DeMuth: she always had a sense that there was something out there beyond where she grew up and that existence. After seeing The Avett Brothers from the front row when she was 13, DeMuth was enamored with their raw performance and hunger on stage. In that moment, she knew she wanted to be an artist one day. So at 19, after going to college for one week, DeMuth left because she was certain music was her path. In 1976, Rolling Stone called prog-rock pioneers Crack The Sky “one of year’s most impressive debuts.” Today, 40+ years later, the band releases a new studio album entitled Tribes, due out early 2021. The title track, “Tribes,” speaks volumes about modern society’s perpetual cultural divide, wherein each side believes its inalienable right to champion the only opinion that matters.

Yukon Blonde add a a groovy garage rock number that calls to mind The Black Keys—if The Black Keys could pull off a spectral, French-language, synthesizer interlude. Vistas is an indie rock band from Edinburgh, Scotland. They released their debut studio album Everything Changes in the End. They are a trio. Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard is what happens if 70s glam were dropped into the 21st century. In case you could tell by listening to the EP only in name this song namedrop The Beatles, Marc Bolan, and David Bowie. So now you know. This is what and who matters.

It was tough before Covid 19. Now more than ever we need to support these bands. Even something as simple as buying an album, or a ticket to a show (when live music comes back or if they are hosting online events), or a tee shirt. And if you can buy directly from them. Even better. Thank you.

Spotify playlist updates on Thursday(ish). Link to Chris Bro on Spotify.

WARNING may contain bad words. Or may not. Depends.

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Artist and Song Title:

  • Guster – Come Downstairs And Say Hello (Live with Omaha Symphony)
  • Inhaler – Falling In
  • Delta Spirit – It Ain’t Easy
  • Dawes – Who Do You Think You’re Talking To
  • Old 97s – The Dropouts
  • Elizabeth Cook – Bones
  • Wallows – With A Little Help From My Friends (Cover)
  • The Rolling Stones  featuring Jimmy Page – Scarlet
  • Chris Cornell – Patience (Cover)
  • The Troggs – Love Is All Around (Summer of Love version)
  • Elliott Brood – Stay Out
  • Diana DeMuth – Into My Arms
  • Crack The Sky – Tribes
  • Yukon Blonde – Get Precious
  • Vistas – 15 Years
  • Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard – John Lennon Is My Jesus Christ

and remember if you love someone hug them right now

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