I was lucky to sit down and chat with Michael of Borrowed Sparks on Zoom.

Mike Bay was inundated from an early age with great American songwriters, he absorbed the sounds and the songs that would pass the test of time and prove to become a kind of cryptic road map to place he didn’t yet know he was going.

The first music he would call his own; Punk rock (as good teenagers are wont to do). Around the same time getting his first electric guitar. Game over.

Bay just released his debut EP. It’s for fans of Americana, Singer-songwriter, Roots Rock, Folk and Punk.

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00:05 Quickest interview ever? We talk hockey: Blues v Blackhawks
02:21 Do you have a specific “fell in love with music moment”?
05:35 Big Red Bowl: How do you feel about cars becoming fully autonomous?
07:28 How do you write songs?
10:46 Big Red Bowl: What’s a movie you can practically quote from start to finish?
11:47 Interacting with fans
13:35 Big Red Bowl: If you could ask advice from anyone in history?
15:58 Pre show rituals
17:15 Big Red Bowl: What do like more being a leader or follower?
18:15 Simple Questions with Chris Bro
18:25 “What’s turning you on right now?”
19:11 “What TV or Movie memorabilia would you like to have?”
19:45 “What should every man know?”
20:41 “What should every woman know?”
21:13 “What fictional character would like to hang out with?”
22:22 “Tell me any happy moment in your life.”
23:30 One more Big Red Bowl Question “What gets too much attention in the news?”

PS: They also have a song on our Notable Songs of March 2020. This song, if I may borrow a phrase from The ‘Mats, is sadly beautiful.

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