Hello lovers of new music. And old music. Of live music. And recorded music. Of music.

Please wash your hands.

I’ll wait.

OK. Here we go. Trying something new. Will it work? Will it be great? Will anyone come? Will we do it again?

If we continue this. I’ll have different themes. For tonight. I’m going to play 30 minutes from my Monday Morning Music Mix 21. Every so often I put together a few songs into a mix. Calling them the Monday Morning Music Mix. Even thought most aren’t put together on Monday morning. Nor posted on Monday morning.

Click on this link at 7:45 PM EAST. Please hit mute (scroll to bottom of Zoom screen lower left). Open the chat. Switch chat option to “all”. And we’ll listen to 30 minutes of music. And chat. Cool?

In the chat room. Share why Chris added this song to the mix. Why you like or don’t like it. Cool lyrics. Great guitar or drum or bass moments. Guess what song I’ll play next. Full playlist below. You can cheat. Talk about your fears. Your loves. Anything.

Here’s the full Spotify playlist


And wash your hands again.

https://bit.ly/2QCml7P if you need to copy and paste.

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