Nick and Vinnie from Back From Nothing jump on Zoom with Chris Bro and answer my questions. Including questions from the Big Red Bowl. Back From Nothing is a up and coming alternative/indie/rock 4 piece band from Westchester, New York. They are influenced by
The Front Bottoms, Modern Baseball, and Brand New. Among others.

00:00 Hello and Prost
00:25 Intro the Band
00:45 “What drew you to music?”
03:35 Big Red Bowl Question “If you were given a 1 minute ad during the Super Bowl what would you do?”
05:45 “How do you create a song?”
07:56 Big Red Bowl Question “Who is the most impressive famous person alive today?”
09:10 “How do you interact with fans?”
10:17 Big Red Bowl Question “Using 1 word how would describe your family?”
11:56 “Do you have any pre-show rituals?”
12:36 Big Red Bowl Question “If you could shop for free at 1 store what would it be?”
13:54 Simple Questions with Chris Bro
14:06 “What’s turning you on right now?”
15:00 “What TV or Movie memorabilia would you like to have?”
15:40 “What should every man know?”
15:58 “What should every women know?”
16:06 “What fictional character would like to hang out with?”
17:05 “Tell me any happy moment in your life.”
18:08 One more Big Red Bowl Question “What’s your perfect day?”
19:24 Band information on the line and Album cover of the Sea Horse and Good Bye/Thank You

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